Los Angeles County Blood Cleanup Narrative

I'm Eddie Evans and this is my my blood cleanup web page for Los Angeles County's blood cleanup cleaning needs. Following homicides, suicides, and unattended deaths, a professional blood cleanup practitioner may help return homes and businesses to their routines. I also offer information for those in need of knowing more. My services for 24/7/365 remain lower than my competitors in most cases. See my affordable blood cleanup services to the right for detailed information about this blood cleanup activity.

What to Expect

Expect my blood cleanup service to offer information. Expect blood cleanup work to come with a guarantee. My guaranteed blood cleanup for Los Angeles County means that you can call me back any time for evaluation and more cleaning if and where needed. I cannot remove all death odors over night, but I can remove a lot of these odors.

I do my best to reach families and businesses in need of my blood cleanup service as quickly as possible. I try to keep my cleaning service affordable.

Although, I sometimes become very busy and cannot reach all in need of my cleaning services overnight.

Still, expect my prices to reflect a rea as on able approach to blood and (OPIM) removal, soiled area cleaning, and disinfection. So I remove blood soiled materials, scrub and rinse the once blood soiled areas, and then I seal these areas if needed. It's the same with crime scene cleanup and decomposition cleanup scenes. It is also my belief that biohazardous materials should not leave a residence or business without treatment for safe or safer handling.

Free Telephone Consultation for Los Angeles County 24/7

Call at any time for information related to blood cleanup. I answer my telephone most of the time. Only when working near noise do I miss calls. Try again if you do not reach me on the first try. My prices remain fair and reasonable and I give a quote for my services on the telephone. I do not change my prices.

I do not charge for giving blood cleanup suggestions. I understand that some people have financial issues. My business includes helping those in great need. Call and ask me what to do and I will do my best to help you. Soon my second crime scene cleanup web site will offer many suggestions for blood cleanup as well as general biohazard company services.


  • Guarantee for Los Angeles County homicides, suicides, and unattended deaths with decomposition

I guarantee my work. If you feel my blood cleanup work somehow needs improvement, call right away. As soon as I can I will return and do what needs to be done. I make every effort on all of my biohazard cleanup work to get it right the first time, in any case. Anything related to blood cleanup has my guarantee that it will satisfy my clients' needs.

  • Affordable FIXED PRICES - - $999 MAXIMUM PRICE for Los Angeles County (shotgun Blood not included)

My prices, in terms of blood cleanup prices, remain among the lowest if not the lowest blood cleanup prices in . Here's why my blood cleanup prices remain low.

  1. I do my own cleaning.
  2. I do not have employee overhead.
  3. I have over eight years experience.
  4. I have fixed fees for my biohazardous waste disposal.
  5. I keep fees low because of corruption in the coroner's office.
  • Source Removal

I remove biohazardous waste and any other materials soiled by blood or other potentially infectious materials (OPIM). Usually I seal, alter, disinfect biohazardous waste. I cannot always do so, but my fees remain fixed and I do not increase fees because of biohazardous waste.

Furniture, mattresses, bedding, pillow, carpeting, carpet cushion, and other household property are removed as needed. As a courtesy to my clients I will move out other property as possible. I try to add value to my blood cleanup activities.    

Sometimes a blood cleanup may also turn into a "decomposition cleanup." This means a Blood victim was "down:" for a prolonged period of time, long enough to decompose and dehydrate. I do not change my prices for unattended deaths with decomposition. So I do not change my prices for other death cleanup work. It's the same price.  TOP

  • Cleaning

I use typical house-hold chemicals found on store shelves. I have several professional disinfecting chemicals, but I try not to use these. Cleaning, for my blood cleanup business, means to disinfect the soiled area. Then I remove soiled materials. Dust, debris, blood, and OPIM are scraped free, scrubbed free, or wiped free. I may use a wet/dry vacuum for areas scrubbed and rinsed. Fluids go down the toilet or sink, which has approval from the Center for Disease Control.

Cleaning means re cleaning, just like writing means rewriting. I re clean to help ensure thorough cleaning outcomes. Following cleaning I disinfect the general area. At times I seal parts of walls, floors, and ceiling.      TOP

When absolutely necessary, blood cleanup means demolition of small areas of floor, walls, or ceilings. I do my best not to cause demolition. I sand and seal before cutting out material. Sometime, though, blood and other fluids migrate across floors to walls. Once at the wall blood finds its way up drywall by wicking. Usually wicked blood sands out or cuts out quite easily. Repairing small areas of drywall takes minutes and costs very little.

Once in a while blood leaks between a wall and floor and seeps below along ventilation ducts, heating pipes, water pipes, or cross members. Even electrical wiring serves as conduit for blood's progression. These instances are rare, very unusual too, but they do occur. Bathroom grouting not well sealed may lead to problems too.

  • Disinfecting

Disinfecting begins at the start of blood cleanup. I continue disinfecting with each cleaning step and more often depending on circumstances. I see no need to allow biohazards a moments defense from my disinfecting approach to blood cleanup. By the time I complete blood cleanup I have used over a gallon of disinfectant of soiled material.

I use one part bleach to ten parts water and stronger bleach and water solutions. At times I use Simple Green because of its disinfecting properties. Professional disinfectants in my blood cleanup chemical inventory allow me to do extra heavy disinfecting when needed.

  • Furnishing Disposal          TOP

As mentioned above, I remove furnishings soiled by blood and OPIM. I usually remove these items after dissecting and sealing them. Sometimes I remove furnishings to help my clients begin moving out of their home. What ever I can fit into my truck, van, or trailers I will take for disposal in a local landfill.

  • Odor Reduction

blood cleanup also means odor reduction. I cannot guarantee complete odor reduction because of decomposing blood's odors. Decomposing biological matter creates heavy uric and sulfuric acid odors. These death odors permeate entire houses. Anywhere man-made or natural cellular structures exist, death's odors will permeate and remain given time, temperature, and density.

To remove death's odors fresh air ventilated throughout a house will help returned the home's prior odorless condition. First, the offending biological materials removal allows for the death odor's density decrease. When necessary I use ozone gas to reduce if not remove the death odor.


  • Experience and Education
  • 16 years blood cleanup
  • 1 year military trauma cleanup
  • Floor Inspection
  • House Inspection
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Mold Inspection
  • Mold Restoration
  • Water Damage and Restoration
  • Chemical, Biological Decontamination (US Army 23 years)
  • AA, BA, MS
  • Teaching Credentials

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Education and Experience

Los Angeles County Cleaning Fees

My $999 maximum includes all chemicals and biohazardous waste removal. This price includes all sealing materials. Evans Enterprises offers these prices because we know that not all Los Angeles County families have money for these unforeseen blood cleanup expenses.

This price does not cover multiple death scenes or shotgun Bloods.

Los Angeles County suffers one of the higher suicide rates in . Like Los Angeles County, Huntington Beach suffers higher than average Blood rates in . Santa Ana's female population suffers an inordinate number of Bloods. Hand-guns play a large role in Los Angeles County, Costa Mesa, and Huntington Beach Bloods. Homicide cleanup work follows closely in Santa Ana. Santa Ana's suicide rate among young, Latino women also hits a higher than expected rate, judged by other areas of our country. Many of these suicide cleanup tasks are done by families because of income issues.

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I offer Los Angeles County services to residential and business interests. Call any time and I will do my best to answer your questions. I accept cash, check, and Pay Pal.

I usually try to respond to Los Angeles County blood cleanup requests on the following day when death is involved, but respond on the same day when a residence or building must continue in use. I say this because Los Angeles County is become very hard to drive through on anyone day because of traffic congestion. Not only traffic congestion causes great delay moving from one end of the county to the other. A simple traffic mishap like a minor traffic accident or even a loose hubcap can backup traffic for many miles. So as a result, when I received blood cleanup calls later in the day I usually schedule the cleanup for the next day.

Human blood is considered biohazardous by the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia. By default then, any human blood that may come into contact with, or may reasonably be anticipated to come in contact with human beings, must be considered biohazardous. This is so because of the numerous cases of human immunodeficiency (HIV), hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C in the Los Angeles County population. Plus, there are unknowns out there and we seem to be learning about these unknown blood disorders, blood-borne pathogens, as the months and years pass.

Human blood consisting of any one of the following characteristics or combination of these blood characteristics is biohazardous:

As a result of blood-borne pathogen biohazards then, we always try to keep the distance between ourselves in human blood. When cleaning up blood, protective equipment like I protection, protection over the nose and mouth, and protection of skin becomes important.,

Great quantities of blood upon nonporous surfaces can be covered with absorbent materials. Some materials that are absorbent to be flushed down the toilet. Others must be placed in strong plastic bags and then placed in red, biohazard bags for pickup by biohazard transportation company. Some absorbent materials used for blood absorption should also be placed in these bags along with blood soaked garments and other fabrics.

Placing bathroom towels over wet blood on floors and other nonporous surfaces will help contain the spread of wet blood a cross floors covered with linoleum, natural stone, and waxed would. Blood and other fluids will begin to migrate across the floor with the tilt of any building even out one or 2 degrees. It is not a good idea to apply liquid disinfectants to standing wet blood until some way of controlling it spread is in place.

Moist blood can be absorbed to some extent. It can also be scraped up and placed on a toilet when possible. If cause the become liquid, it can be vacuumed if the vacuum is properly used. The contents may be placed down the sanitary sewer, toilet. Hospitals, clinics, dental offices, morgues, and mortuaries all use the sanitary sewer for the same purpose. We moist blood dries out it may become flaky.

Objects capable of releasing human blood when compressed include sponges that are used to soak up blood. I do not you sponges tubes were blood because it is difficult to disinfect the sponge. A sponge may be placed in red bag as biohazardous waste. Other objects that are capable of releasing human blood when compressed include towels, clothing, and other fabrics soaked with human blood. When squeeze the whose blood which means it should go in a biohazard bag. Sometimes blood soiled fabrics can be placed in a washing machine. Hospitals use temperatures over 180° and apply bleach to the water.

Dry flaky blood presents issues because it may become airborne. When airborne there's the risk of inoculating the blood cleanup practitioner and the blood flakes reach the eyes, becoming biohazardous containments.

Wet and moist blood soon become flaky blood after a few short hours of exposure to the atmosphere. Usually when death cleanup is sought, a homicide, suicide, or unattended death is occurred. In which cases, corners employees have remove the decedent, and a corners investigator has continued investigation into the death. In such cases the blood cleanup cannot begin and Los Angeles County families and businesses must wait to hire a blood cleanup company.

As I apply blood cleanup procedures to any death scenes; I use a hierarchy of cleaning approaches. In this way I know which tools, equipment, and cleaning chemicals I might need. This also gives me an idea of how long it will take for the blood cleanup. For example, a worst-case scenario is called "category three," and in these cases I'm the only person in a room doing blood cleanup work because of the extent of blood contamination. Horrific conditions may also exist in which case we do not one of the people exposed to the category three room.

In such cases pools of blood, heavily blood soaked, saturated carpet, pillows, blankets, mattresses, carpet, carpet padding, clothing, couches, love seats, and other materials must be "reduced." Reduced of blood that is, and to a near zero percentage if not total blood removal.

Los Angeles County's Bathroom Floors

Examples include bathroom floors covered with vinyl or natural stone or even ceramic tile. On the surface is blood and other potentially infectious materials (OPIM) may easily spread given the opportunity and time. Even a fan will help disperse the blood across the floor. Some victims of blood loss may be on anticoagulants and incidents cases there thinned out blood may be nearly as mobile as water. When blood reaches a crack in a floor it will seep into the crack. When there is a vinyl floor on top of another vinyl floor surface, the blood may even spread between the two vinyl layers. In this case, odors from the blood will be hard to tolerate, even for the most practiced blood cleanup practitioner.

Blood reach any wall in penetrating below wallboard may saturate drywall. In such cases the drywall will need to be replaced. On some occasions the drywall can be scrubbed clean and then sealed with a paint sealer. The baseboard will need to be cleaned and sealed or destroyed. In second floor bathrooms, more issues arise because blood may seep into the below rooms. This is why it's important to contain the spread of wet blood. It is also important to be careful when using disinfectants poured onto blood. We do not want liquids use for blood cleanup to further contaminate the trauma scene.

Blood wicking, which means blood works its way up were just as the wax on the candlewick works its way up the wick as the wick burns candle wax, may occur. Such cases would include wicking up the side of clothing in contact with the blood soiled floor. Likewise wicking can occur to a drywall.

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Concrete Floors

Concrete floors usually lend themselves to a quick blood cleanup. Problems arise when the concrete surface has heavy of a cementation slayer. This is a form like substance that rises to the top of the concrete structure and left to dry. Most often concrete workers will do their best to ensure that concrete surfaces left with a flat, level surface. But when a building for is poured in the concrete not worked well, it is to be expected that this form like substance will occur. In such cases blood will contaminated it may require that the substances ground off.

Grinding blood off of a concrete floor may be as simple task taking no more than an abrasive pad, comet, and something like simple green and bleach. Or, it may require hand grinding with a hand grinder. Although adding to the time and effort of a blood cleanup task, this cementation slayer saturated by blood does not create a catastrophic condition for cleaning. In some rare cases, blood seepage onto a concrete floor poured within one year may saturate well enough that it becomes embedded below the surface. In such cases the floor must be ground. But this is rare.

In most cases, blood on a concrete floor can be cleaned up from a standing position. By simply placing a scrub pad on the floor, applying a cleanser like Comet, water or vinegar, and agitating with a long handled, flat nose shovel, the blood cleanup will occur quickly. The blood can be safely vacuumed and poured down the toilet.

blood cleanup can continue in this way with new cleaning pads. Paper towels can be used while pushing them about the floor to soak up the blood and residue cleaning solution. These cows can then be shows up in place to bags were bleach is added. These bags are then tied in a knot or preferably, taped closed.



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The Center for Disease Control recommends using bleach with water to disinfect nonporous surfaces following blood cleanup. One part bleach to four parts water is often recommended, and some people use one part water the five-parts bleach because of bleaches powerful toxicity. Because bleaches toxic, incidentally, if used on metal surfaces it should be quickly reduced from the surface with clean water.

At times, it may not be a bad idea to add straight bleach in the bags with contaminated materials before closing the bags. But this will depend on the future disposition of said bags.

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Wood Floor Demolition

Blood soaked or blood saturated would floors may require some demolition. This occurs when these floors are poorly maintained and blood soaks into the wood fibers. In some cases they can be restored with standing order powerful scraping tools. Then once again sealed with the wood preservative.

Sometimes blood will seep between the wood floor cracks. In such cases the surface would must be removed to reach the subfloor for cleanup the blood. The surface would should be cleaned off, place in bags, and disposed of. The cleaned subfloor should be decontaminated and sealed with the paint sealer.

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Fighting white-collar crime in Los Angeles County's blood cleanup services

When hiring a blood cleanup company Los Angeles County, residents will be approached by a Los Angeles County Sheriff-corners employee. One of these employees may offer a "special blood cleanup company" services. This a something like this: "I'm not supposed to do this, but here's a good company to go to." And then this employee will hand the family or business owner a telephone number listed telephone numbers to call. In some cases the employee may even own the company. Most often the employee will receive a 10% kickback. This is been standard policy Los Angeles County for well over 15 years.

This all began with blood cleanup in general over the decades, but most certainly it became more common as the human immunodeficiency scare reached Los Angeles County. Takes place in Orange County as well as many other counties across the United States. It's called "cronyism" and it is common in Washington DC among Pentagon and corporate officials. Some people call it the "swamp."

Azusa we might think has everything from A to Z. It has much more with a rich history. By the time Portola made his way to Azusa in 1759, Native Americans had lived in the mouth of local canyons for thousands of years. The gringo Henry Dalon developed an estate here that he called Rancho Azusa. From Italy, he imported honey bees. Dalton would lose title to his land after fighting hard to keep it. Dalton was more than eager to turn this area into an agricultural wonderland. His bees would pollinate many square miles of flowers and crops. Jonathan Saar Slauson came to own the land since he had given Dalton startup money for his ranch.

Becoming a citrus center under Dalton's authorship, Azusa's arid climate proved to hostile to citrus under the current environmental conditions. In those days water was harder to find. Found within the San Gambrel River's flood plain, Azusa has a rich source of sand and gravel. As a result it became a major resource for valuable building materials. Beer, chemicals, and missile motors would later be manufactured in this thriving city. On a side note here, Azusa's summer months become very dry times for blood cleanup. This dry blood does not present too serious health hazard if cleaned carefully. If it has caked, it may become airborne and a biohazard.

Bellflower once served as an important link in the Pacific Electric Railroad's transportation system. From Bellflower residents found fast, affordable, mass transit to Santa Monica, Pomona, Garden Grove, and many other Azusa basin cities. These small trains served well, but as time passed and oil became an important commodity too big to ignore, Standard Oil, Firestone, and General Motors bought them out.

In their place diesel burning, rubber using General Motors' buses came to serve in their place. Today buses continue to move tens of thousands of people throughout Azusa and beyond. More importantly, the automobile soon followed buses as the Pacific Electric Railroad slowly faded into a distant memory, out of sight, out of mind.

At one time Bellflower supported to largeness movie theaters. Both theaters served many thousands of residents over the years as they flocked to see the new wonders presented by Hollywood. - Cerritos - Downey - El Segundo - Glendale - Hawaiian Gardens - Hawthorne - Irwindale - lintridge - Long Beach - Los Angeles - Monterey Park - Norwalk - Pasadena - Redondo Beach - Rolling Hills - Signal Hill - South Gate - Torrance - Vernon - Whittier

Agoura Hills comes to mind when thinking about Agoura, which we find about 47 miles from Los Angeles City. Although blood cleanup in this area does not fall within my activities, I'd like it to. What happens before Agoura or Agoura Hills residents reach the Internet, they receive directions from Azusa employees to seek blood cleanup elsewhere, which means, use their selected companies. In return, they receive a lot of money, as much as 10 %, or $500 for a $5,000 cleanup. That's some serious money when you figure it goes on week after week all year long.

Coroner employees and County Administrator employees (public guardians) reap most of these privileged cleanup. When it comes to insurance money, they get a big chunk of it. I'd be satisfied for less than $1,000 for work they charge $5,000 and even more.

A city with nearly as many horses as people, Bradbury lies about 21 miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles. It might come as a surprise to some people that Burbank hosts Warner Brothers Studios. Burbank also houses a nifty airport and has done so since the 1930s. Only 13 miles from downtown Los Angeles, it once belonged to a retired Spanish solder in 1784. which a dentist turned subdivider created conditions for subdivision development. His name, Dr. David Burbank. Glendale and Pasadena serve as adjacent cities to Burbank.

Calabasas became a way station for Franciscan padres after 1779. Traveling along El Camino Real to and from Ventura and northern missions, their resting places in Calabasas were about 26 miles from downtown. We used to call Carson
" Rancho Dominguez" Once shaped by its ranching, trucking, and oil interests, Carson gained its name because residents preferred to name their home range after an earlier resident, George Carson, a pioneer of the 1850s.
Claremont boasts over 240 acres of parks and resides about 29 miles east of downtown LA. At the foot of the lower foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, it once gained its fame from beautiful, lush citrus groves, Deciduous trees and wraparound porches remain a hallmark of this pleasant community. In 1938 corrupt officials were forced from office in a recall election. I suppose this might work in Orange County, California if one were to become serious about ending Orange County Corruption. Our City of Commerce serves as an apex for the Santa Ana and Long Beach Freeways, about 7 miles from downtown Los Angeles City. Just look for the Santa Fe Railroad's main line and you'll find our City of Industry. It's important to keep in mind that Azusa received superior service from these small, electric railroads.

During their service, by percentage of trauma incidents, Azusa blood cleanup needs would have remained lower by rail than Azusa automobile blood cleanup needs.

Compton also lies along a railroad, our Los Angeles -- San Pedro Railroad, the first rail in in our region. Once owned by the Dominguez family, this city's named derived from a temperance minister and founder of its local college. An artesian well found in Compton aided its 36 cent an acre farming community. The World War II turned this area into a growing boomtown.

Covina Cudahy
Culver City
Diamond Bar
Downey received its name from its geographic father, John Gately Downey. Downey made his fortune from the one drug store he owned, which happened to be the only drug store between San Francisco and San Diego. He arrived in Los Angeles as a poor 15-year-old and before age 32 became governor of California by appointment. He would later later subdivide Norwalk and Santa Fe Springs. Before long he owned a large share of a gold mine that yielded $25,000,000. Downey has a bigger-than-life founder. I'm proud to say that once, just once, I did a homicide blood cleanup in Downey. Only one means there's corruption in LA's Sheriff-Coroner and County Administrator's departments.

Hawaiian Gardens exists as a casino city next to the 605 Freeway. This 1-square-mile city found some 18 miles from downtown LA became incorporated in 1964. My interest includes one triple homicide cleanup in the year of 2010. I received this from a victim's program with a maximum fee, which was OK because something's better than nothing. A young man killed a grandfather, a grandmother, the 1 son, and then wounded two others early one morning. Apparently, this shooter had fathered a child by his victim's daughter. The family could see this louse lead to no good, so he became a problem for them. Before he broke into their home before killing them with an AK-47 assault rifle, he tried setting fire to their home.

I always recommend to callers that they find other biohazard cleanup companies and consider their prices and services compared to my prices and services. Try Google, Yahoo!, and Bing for more companies providing suicide cleanup services.

I use common chemicals found on shelves that any one can buy for most of my cleaning. Exotic chemicals tend to create more hazards to consider when cleaning. I do use an ozone machine to destroy germs and odors.

If for some reason you must clean a suicide yourself, then consider the information at suicide cleanup information. There is much more to know, but what you find here will at least get you started and help keep you away from the biohazards.

You must be careful if you choose to clean for yourself, which is not recommended.

I also own crime scene cleanup and provide information on blood cleanup and other subjects related to suicide cleanup.

Agoura Hills
Baldwin Park
Bell Gardens
Beverly Hills
I offer Cerritos unattended death cleanup services for homicides, suicides, unattended deaths, human decomposition, and other infectious waste issues.
Culver City
Diamond Bar
El Monte
El Segundo
Hawaiian Gardens
Hermosa Beach
Hidden Hills
Huntington Park
La Cañada Flintridge
La Habra Heights
La Mirada
La Puente
La Verne
Long Beach
Los Angeles
Manhattan Beach
Monterey Park
Palos Verdes Estates
Pico Rivera
Rancho Palos Verdes
Redondo Beach
Rolling Hills Estates
Rolling Hills
San Dimas
San Fernando
San Gabriel
San Marino
Santa Clarita
Santa Fe Springs
Santa Monica
Sierra Madre
Signal Hill has a small residential community atop of its once oil drilling rig structures. It's a tiny city with fewer blood cleanup needs for homicide, suicide, unattended death, and traumatic blood loss.
South Gate

Stevenson Ranch
Temple City
Walnut remains a quiet blood clean city when it comes to my blood cleanup service, but I do receive telephone calls for blood cleanup information.


Walnut Park
West Covina
West Hollywood receives a fair amount of my Azusa blood cleanup services, not so unlike Los Angeles County.
Westlake Village
Whittier blood cleanup services offered at all times for fair prices.

Whittier Blood Cleanup


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