Crime Scene Cleanup and Decomposition


To make a long story short, here our author writes about about another conflicting story from an Orange County corner's employee. This is a strange story. It makes no sense; at first I thought I found an honest coroner's employee, and then he spoiled my hope.

How I received information from an Orange County Coroner's investigator, "C." C claimed to hand out a California Trauma Practitioner's list as downloaded monthly from the Internet. Recipients of his list were family survivors of homicide, suicide, and unattended deaths accompanied by decomposition.

According to C. no edits were made to this list. Asked how it came to be that I'm on the list and never receive calls from his shared list, he cared not to further our discussion. I continue my narrative where it began to form.

Visiting my MD for a long neglected checkup, I asked if I might answer my telephone if needed. He agreed, since I explained I spend many hours and tens of thousands of dollars causing it to ring.

Odd as it seemed to both of us, I received a telephone call from an Orange County investigator. I had moments before explained how our Orange County Coroner's Department cheats the public through illicit referral scams. I explained he could read about the details at Eddie Evans on Google.

The caller, whose first initial begins with C, asked for a job. "Are you kidding," I replied. Don't you know you belong to the largest group of corrupt employees in Orange County's government?

He went on to say he would "retire soon." C. needed work, and he hadn't given any thought to what I was talking about. "Good," I thought to myself. "An honest employee" -- Yes, of course they exist. They represent the vast majority of Orange County's employees. I know because I came from their ranks after 12 years of Orange County employment.

I could not continue our conversation so I explained I was with my doctor. My MD smiled and walked out, assuring me I would cause him no problem. Kaiser has a wonderful system in more than one way, I've learned over the years. Anyway, I felt a little upset by this telephone call from the belly of the beast. I ended this call as politely as I could.

About two weeks later during a quite time when I had nothing pending. I returned this county employee's telephone call. Cell telephones are great for saving numbers. They're great for saving messages too, one of which I've saved belong to C.

He answered his telephone. When I explained who I was and that I was returning his call, he seemed startled and became very defensive.

This public servant's attitude went south to paranoia land almost instantly. "I don't know who you are. I don't even know if you are licensed" and so on. I needed to remind him that he called me first, not vice versa. Then he relates the truth of cronyism in Orange County, indirectly.

I asked C. this one question I needed an answer to badly. At times it seems like a mental health question because of the flim-flam experienced through the Orange County Coroner's Department over the years.

Do you now, or have you ever, handed out a cleaning company list to your family contacts?

"Yes." he replied, negating our Deputy Coroner's assurances that coroner's employees never do and never have handed out such lists.

I went on. Do you know who makes these lists?

"Yes." He replied. He then went on to explain that he copies the state health department list of trauma cleaners. He then hands out the entire list.

"Amazing liar," I thought to myself. "Where's this guy coming from." He calls me for a job because he's about to retire. Now he tells me he's been handing out the state trauma practitioners list faithfully with every cleaners telephone number on it. Just like the state makes available.

To wit:

I ask, "Well, if you've been handing out the state list just as you find it on-line, I wonder how it happens I don't receive telephone calls from those people you hand your list to, ever."

"What" he replied. "What are you talking about," or some such set of words followed.

I replied, "Well, if you hand the list out. If I'm on the list. I have a 714 area code on the same list. How would you explain that I never receive calls from the list you hand out?"

He gasped at about this moment in time and mumbled incoherently. He then hung-up. I would not say that he was "rude," I would say he was "found out." As for certain what his role in cronyism may be, I cannot say.

I can say with the near certainty of a 63 year-old, teacher-counselor to juveniles and parents, untruths at best littered his replies during our conversation.

Over the years I've heard employees say 3 telephone number were handed out by area code. They affirmed that since I have a 714 area code on the state list, eventually my telephone number would be handed out to Orange County's grieving families in need of a biohazard cleanup technician.

Then these conversations ended in total in 2005, which I've state elsewhere too often.

Then the Sheriff-Coroner insisted no, zero, nada lists were ever handed out by coroner's employees, never are, and never will be.

Now, C. called me; I returned his call. Suddenly I'm not OK. C.'s caught in a big fat lie. He goes, "Da," on the telephone when asked a very simple question. If you hand out the entire list, eventually someone will call me. How do you explain I do not receive calls from your lists".

Obviously, if what he said were true, someone from his list would make their way to my 714 area code number. So why did he lie. Why?

I suspect that big money gained by cheating Orange County's grieving families holds a key to all of this flim-flam.

For certain, I will find no aid or comfort from our Sheriff's Department. In that agency, as no other I've experienced, lurks poor supervision and complacency at best, corruption at worse.

Eddie Evans





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