Cypress hoarding cleanup begins when the hoarder acts on a positive image of their home. Rather than continue living with the frustration of clutter and debris, they decide to call a professional hoarder cleanup company. One hoarding cleanup service I've marketed describes how hoarders inherit their behavior generation to generation. Other hoarder cleanup companies found at hoarding cleanup directory have more information about hoarding cleanup . There are differences between hoarding and cluttering.



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Cypress Hoarding Cleanup

By the time committed hoarders reach my hoarder cleanup web sites they think they really need a biohazard cleanup company. As anxious as callers become about the state of their home's hoarding problems, these problems rarely rise to a biohazard cleanup.

Some hoarder cleanup jobs do rise to the level of infectious waste hazards, but these I convert quickly. Converting hazardous, infectious conditions in a hoarding cleanup requires some material removal. Once the offend materials come out, a quick decontamination returns the hoarder's house to a safer, biological condition.


When I receive a hoarding cleanup telephone call from this Cypress web site or others like it, I ask questions.

  • Are neighbors aware of hoarding?
  • Are animals involved?
  • Does the electricity work?
  • Does the water work?
  • Has the health department troubled you?
  • How long has this home been a hoarder' home?
  • How many cluttered or soiled rooms.
  • How many bathrooms cluttered?
  • Is there an upstairs?
  • Is there a basement
  • How will you pay?

Do you have a plan for keeping clutter down in the future? This question often catches my callers off-guard. They become so anxious about getting rid of their hoarded goods they forget the future. Many have yet to consider how to keep clutter out of their lives.

Usually there's emotional baggage along with the many thousands of pounds of hoarded goods, the real baggage. Once a calling hoarder identifies their hoarding cleanup needs I'm ready to help. There's nothing I can do about the emotional baggage related to hoarding cleanup.

Sometimes when a hoarder calls and their funds will not cover my fee, I help with recommendations. Usually I say, "get something to eat. Drink lots of water, and then start picking up and discarding stuff."

This advice I follow myself in my own cluttered home and my clutter client's home. That's it.


Get Moving

Get moving and don't stop for hours.

"That's easy enough to say," I been told, and it comes out very easily. Get moving and don't stop for hours. This advice works every time I enter a cluttered home and say, "Where do I begin?". The truth shows me the way, I begin where I place my hands.

I promise myself this: Try not to touch the same item twice. Never touch the same item more than twice. Touching any item more than twice means poor attention to detail. Poor planning, too much day dreaming.

Now that I've said the "day dreaming" phrase, it's day dreaming that leads many to need my hoarding cleanup service. That's fine. Daydreaming works wonders for us. In fact, there are emotions in self-hypnosis that match those conjured up during daydreaming. The problem with daydreaming arises when it occurs too often, too long, at a bad time, or as a stand-in for what ought to fill-in as cold, hard, critical thinking.


We need cold, hard, critical thinking when it comes time to declaring what we need and what we want. Sometimes what we want helps us along. Besides, every now-and-then what we want helps us move down the trail a little more lively, a little more stylish. I've seen this with some of my friends. They bought what they wanted, not what they really needed.

Adding What We Don't Need

As time passed, what they wanted did take on a honest-to-goodness value. They believed that they must have it, something. And so be it. Musical instruments, great novels, a special pair of shoes, these wants make sense in a house without clutter. It's adding what we want, don't need, to a house full of clutter that makes no sense, lacks critical thinking.

We need to ask ourselves, "Do I really need this?". "How will it make my life easier, brighter, or happier?" Begin asking whatever critical questions that come to mind. If you do not have hard, cold answers in favor of adding another widget to your cluttered house of widgets, don't add another. What's to lose, anyway?

Society placed a value on something you want. More than likely some sort of tricky advertisement lead you to think you really need what you will not use. More than likely if someone sees what you bought on impulse because of commercial advertising, they will think its silly or stupid or dumb. Then where will your emotional state lead you? If you are like me, you'll head for the local Cypress mall or Home Depot for something else to buy.

Whatever you buy today out of a feeling of want, becomes something else to consider for hoarding cleanup workers. Perhaps you feel a link to the past when you buy something your friends and relatives bought. It's easy enough to see how stuff becomes part of a pair-bond in this way. After all, Uncle Jimmy bought one so you bought one. Now you don't need it, it's in the way, and every time you pick it up and move it you wonder why you put up with it. Get rid of it,

Keeping Memories, Not Junk

Getting rid of clutter and other hoarder stuff does not remove the past or in any way alter the past. It's the memories of the past that we must keep. It's not the junk of the past that we must keep

If you find a need for biohazard cleanup visit my web site. It's one of my first and a flagship web site for blood cleanup as well as other death cleanup web sites. Sometimes Orange County hoarding cleanup leads to suicide cleanup once work begins. This happens because suicide often occur as unattended deaths and as such then require decomposition cleanup too. Hoarding cleanup has many unknowns in these ways. .TOP

Differences between Hoarding and Cluttering

Does it matter if we become hoarders or clatterer types?

It matters only if we care to live in diminishing home space from worthless stuff or valuable stuff. It matters if we care to change our behavior or carry on as before. Hoarding behavior has more psychological baggage attached to it than clutter behavior. Also visit my Cypress Massage website for information related to relaxing after your hoarding cleanup.

Hoarding includes clutter, but not all clutter reflects hoarding. Hoarders tend to hoard worthless stuff. They may also organize worthless stuff in meticulous detail. Hoarding cleanup usually involves a partial or total move out.

Cypress clutter types clutter with stuff of some value. Cluttering cleanup may involve rearranging clutter into organized lots; clutter cleanup may involve disposing of some clutter, and cluttering behavior may change with a greater focus on storing, opposed to tossing stuff,



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Filth Removal - -
By "filth" I mean the real stuff: Poop, animal soaked fabrics, bacteria-laden kitchens and bathrooms, unkempt floors and other areas capable of harboring infectious waste. It's the sort of stuff most of us understand when we see it. If seeing is not enough, its odor removes any doubt. For this I charge to remove.

Yes, I also do blood cleanup and decomposition cleanup following homicides, suicides, and unattended deaths. Since our Orange County Coroner's office employees have a monopoly over biohazard cleanup in Cypress, I don't receive calls for Cypress's blood cleanup needs.

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