Hoarding cleanup begins when the hoarder acts on a positive image of their home. Rather than continue living with the frustration of clutter and debris, they decide to call a professional hoarder cleanup company. One hoarding cleanup service I've marketed describes how hoarders inherit their behavior generation to generation. Other hoarder cleanup companies found at hoarding cleanup directory have more information about hoarding cleanup . There are differences between hoarding and cluttering.




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 Long Beach Hoarding Cleanup

Hoarding Cleanup


Expect to pay a $250.00 cash down payment - - This is a qualifying payment toward the total fee. Payments are then made as progress is made. An alternative to these terms is either full payment at startup or $750 per day until our fee is paid in full. Full payment must be made by the start of our last day.
What to expect
Expect experienced lifter-movers to enter politely. Expect them to make decisions and remove hoarded material, "clutter."
Responsible Parties
If desired, your responible party may be present to supervise. By "supervise," we mean a person who makes decisions quickly about what goes and what stays. However, it is important to keep in mind that we will know beforehand what should go and what items ought to be kept or considered for keeping.
What We Need
Besides a qualifying down payment, a dumpster is preferred. It should be placed as closely to the dwelling's largest door. The dumpster door should open toward the largest door. The dumpster's door must not open in or around plants, like cactus.
Where an apartment or other type of building is involved, we can manage with bags, although our fee will reflect the added costs.
Cost Considerations
If time is not an issue, then you can expect a discout on your cleanup fee.
Working without a dumpster will increase our fee.
Working in a basement will increase our fee.
We prefer running water and electricity, but we can work without them.
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Differences between Hoarding and Cluttering.  - - Get Moving - - Time - - Day Dreaming - - Critical Thinking - Declutering -


Filth Removal - -
By "filth" I mean the real stuff: Poop, animal soaked fabrics, bacteria-laden kitchens and bathrooms, unkempt floors and other areas capable of harboring infectious waste. It's the sort of stuff most of us understand when we see it. If seeing is not enough, its odor removes any doubt. For this I charge to remove.

Yes, I also do blood cleanup and decomposition cleanup following homicides, suicides, and unattended deaths.


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