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"There's one exception to deep cleaning and it's the best exception, cleaning to prep for painting." Eddie Evans

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I'm Eddie Evans and I've cleaned very dirty houses, dwellings, for over 14 years. In fact, I was 12 years old when I cleaned my first really dirty house. What makes the dirty houses that I clean from other dirty houses? They have not been cleaned in many months if not many years.

  A really dirty house like mine qualifies for my dirty house cleaning services. I keep this to myself when at home. For Downey my cleaning includes houses, apartments, condominiums, RV's, business and industrial buildings. I will vacuum and even clean your windows, but that's not what I'm about; I'm not about dusting or otherwise preparing your light dirty house for a dinner party, baby shower, or wedding rehearsal. I'm about deep, grimy, dirty cleaning tasks. If that's not what you want, don't bother calling. I do, however, charge as much as those maid companies charge for dusting your horizontal surfaces and wiping off your toilet seats.  



Downey Dirty House Cleanup

What Not To Expect

If you expect a typical floor mopping, horizontal dusting, and restroom wipe down with a pleasant fragrance disinfectant, then you need to find one of those made companies for your dirty house clean up. Any fragrances I leave behind in a dirty house where there well before I arrived and will continue to remain until new floor covering like a new carpet, linoleum, parquet, or wood scouring takes place.

Covering or otherwise masking household odors does not come undermine cleaning task goals.


I have one cleaning company similarity to those cheery maids out there who do a fair enough job to keep homes in a motel clean level of up.. And at similarity we share and price. So if you're prepared to pay $60 per hour for two professional cleaners, professional cleaners experienced in dirty house cleaning, then please do call me at any time.

And you do not need to pay by the hour, but sometimes it's better to know what you are getting and for how much. At least this way you have a figure in mind. now the advantage of paying us by the hour gives you the freedom to fire us by the hour. In fact we prefer to be fired at some point. This is the point at which we clean so well that you believe you can take over for yourself and handle the situation. If the use of the word "fire" or "discharge" troubles you, then perhaps using the word "replace" carries a better, connotation.

I say this because I offer $500 a day dirty house cleanup fee services and on the first day you pay $250 cash up front to begin. Then at the end of the day you pay the other $250. Keep in mind that we only work for six hours a day.

Why only six hours per day?

If you were to hire professional carpet cleaners, and occupational category that I happen to fit, and you watch your professional carpet cleaners for six hours as they worked on your carpet, he would find the same outcomes as I have personally experienced. By the end of their six hour your carpet cleaners will have poop out. So if you kept them for eight hours paying the same rate, your pay rate invest into carpet cleaners with diminishing returns by the minute. They slowly tire out as their muscles become tired from increasing levels of XYZ.




Eddie Evans



What to Expect

Expect me to work hard and steadily and stopped to catch my breath and then continue. If I take breaks it's only to replace burned calories so that I can continue at a steady rate of cleaning. Deep cleaning requires physical contact with surfaces for placing cleaning solution, scrubbing and rinsing, and then re-cleaning in many instances. Expect me to use a fogger to disinfect areas before and after cleaning. In this way I do what I can to reduce those household odors that you come to recognize as somehow "dirty."

I use the word dirty in quotation marks because it means something a little different for each of us. By example, here's what I'm talking about. We identify something is dirty when we perceive it as having a high potential for hosting a higher level of germs, microorganisms, bacteria than would otherwise exist when an object remains "clean." Clean becomes a matter of perception depending on once upbringing and education.

And just because someone may have a higher education does not mean that they will not live in a dirty filthy house. What I mean by "education" is educated in matters of cleanliness and dirtiness. The truth is that we can measure the cleanliness of an object by its bacteria count per square inch in many cases. Here's an example:

The human mouth contains more bacteria at any one time under normal circumstances then the number of people existing on this planet now and are all time in human.

This means that for all the people that have ever lived, if we could add their numbers to the existing human population numbers for today, we still could not equal the number of bacteria found in each of our mouths.

To go one step farther, to prove a point, each and every human being on this planet has a unique virus or viruses within their lungs that no other human being on this planet shares in genetic makeup. This means we all have our happy little virus inside our lungs that belongs to us and only us just like we have fingerprints that belong to us and only us.


So when I say "education" I'm saying that what appears clean and not actually be clean. Just think of the number of times you've admired somebody beautiful oral anatomy and their pearly white teeth while thinking how clean their mouth. Compare their mouth bacteria count to your dirty floor and your dirty floor still comes out cleaner in most cases. I say and "most" cases because some people have managed to take feces onto there floors over years of neglect. This is fact, not something I made up from out of the blue.

Expect me to do my best to ensure that your horizontal and vertical surfaces have a much lower bacteria count when I complete my cleaning service then the day before I walked in for the first time. Expect me to apply cleaning solutions available over-the-counter in your local Home Depot, Lowe's, or other hardware store.

You can duplicate my outcomes anytime you wish and I'll be happy to share information with you. And there's nothing magical about what I do so anyone else can share the same outcomes by sharing the same focus and motivation. I remain motivated to clean for you. When I lose that motivation I'll leave this type of cleaning business. Now I figure go brush my teeth.

First, here's a few examples of my cleaning focus:

  • dirty greasy walls,
  • dirty greasy floors,
  • dirty greasy bathtubs overgrown by mold and mildew,
  • dirty toilets with urine stains,
  • dirty cupboards inside and out,
  • dirty windows,
  • dirty window seals,
  • dirty venetian blinds,
  • More

I happen to also come under the occupational category as an Internet web site ranking worker. So I use keywords to advertise my various cleaning businesses. Below I list some of the key words I used on this web page to help you find my dirty house cleanup services.


Downey dirty house cleaning, filthy house cleaning, urine, bloody, shit, vomit, puke, mattress, couch, carpet, feces, dirty house help, clean filthy home, cleanup, waste cleanup, newspapers, toilet paper, broken toilet, sewage, poop, grease, tobacco, spider webs, dust, dusting, toilet, bath tub, bathtub, grim, kitchen floor, cupboard, walls, ceilings.


At 67 years old you would think that my cleaning expertise would offer little for consumers of cleaning services. But I stay in the cleaning business by staying in physical shape, which means that my cardiovascular system remains intact and I can work hard for prolonged periods of time. Only by visiting planet fitness and LA fitness physical training centers cannot remain competitive in the cleaning business market.

More importantly, by cleaning I do physical exercise which in turn pays rewards for my physical fitness and longevity. No other males on my father or mother side of the family have survived beyond 65 years of age. So apparently I've done something different and it pays off. And I attribute my motivation for cleaning to my motivation to remain in physical condition to clean. So it's a synergistic relationship between my physical conditioning and dirty house cleaning business, which tickles me.

So here I'm being paid to do physical exercise in my professional life while in my personal life I pay to do physical exercise. So when it comes to right livelihood and occupational perks, what else can a guy like me expect?





Work Guarantee

I guarantee my work. If you find a problem after I leave the premises, call me. Don't email because if I'm not waiting to receive email, I'll miss it. So call my 888-431-7233. If I do not answer right away I will get back to you. Sometimes I cannot answer the telephone because of my cleaning situation, gloves and more.

My Price Guarantee for Downey remains in place before, during, and after cleaning. Residents and Businesses far away from Downey must pay more because of my travel expenses, especially in the upper half of California. Just, the same, I often underbid by competitors for prolonged cleaning assignments.

Prolonged cleaning assignments usually occur in hoarding cleanup or industrial buildings.

How I do Clean a Dirty House -

I begin by walking around the home to get an idea of where the heaviest cleaning needs appear.

I then fog the bathroom and kitchen with a cleaning solution to help begin a dwelling process. This means that I let the cleaning solution rests upon the entire ceiling and walls and floor for at least 20 min. Then I clean by using hand tools and my bare hands clean walls, baseboards, floors, shower stalls, bathtubs, toilets, and so forth. Sometimes I wear rubber gloves depending upon the degree of soiling found. Feces removal requires gloves and other protective equipment.

The kitchen receives the same approach with the floor receiving cleanup last. Of course I do the floor last because grease buildup from the ceiling and countertops who often reached the floor, which is okay. It's okay for grease the reached the floor because it now has cleaning solution in an and the solution will dwell upon the floor giving a boost to the floor cleaning process.

Cobwebs come down first if needed. Walls and ceiling are dusted. Walls and ceiling then receive either a light or heavy wash and rinse with clean towels. Of course the floors vacuum as possible depending upon the amount of hoarding it may have taken place. I work around hoarding issues unless the building owner or renter chooses to have the imported material removed. If that's the case this is what we call a "dirty house cleanup with hoarding removal." Light switches, furnishings, then receives desolate treatment as do the doors.



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One Exception

There's one exception to deep cleaning in Downey and it's the best exception, cleaning to prep for painting. That's my target outcome. How many Downey cleaning company's dare to state a bold outcome of this degree?

This is an official eddie evans web design powered by my Downey cleaning turbo thrust silicone chip design.




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