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My biohazard cleanup page have more information related to blood cleanup issues. A suicide cleanup qualifies as a biohazard cleanup because the center for disease control in Atlanta, Georgia has found that human blood contains dangerous blood-borne pathogens. These include human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and hepatitis C. As a result, we now consider all human blood as suspect. Therefore, whenever cleaning after a suicide those of us in the suicide cleanup business must follow blood-borne pathogen training protocols.

Prices - Check - Cash - Homeowners Insurance

I charge what I need to charge to cover my cleaning fees in business expenses. All business have their businesse expenses, and just as any other service company, I must carry business insurance. I also carry vehicle insurance with its own increasing costs. Then I have my equipment, tools, and cleaning chemicals to consider when pricing each cleaning project. Last, I have my profit to consider.

Having said this, I'm pleased to say that my competitors cannot challenge my prices in most cases. This is so because I own my own biohazard cleanup company and do my own biohazard cleanup work in most cases. As a result I have no employees to pay which saves you money. I also have no employees who must have Social Security insurance, Workmen's Compensation insurance, vehicle insurance, 401(k) retirement, sick pay, and vacation pay. And then, I do not need to worry about training costs.

Here's my cost in a nutshell:

    • Business insurance
    • Vehicle insurance
    • Bond
    • State trauma scene practitioner license number 134
    • Vehicle maintenance including fuel
    • Cleaning equipment, tools, and supplies
    • A reasonable profit



I guarantee my work because it would be wrong not to do so. This is death cleanup and death cleanup is like any other type of service or business in the world. Anything less than a guarantee for my work in price would be unethical, immoral. For me, anything less than a guarantee for this service is not acceptable. I could not remain in business otherwise.

When you have my service the receiver guarantee in the form in an email, which serves as a contract in any Small Claims Court in the state of California. Plus, I guarantees are backed up with my business insurance policy. You have my 15 years of experience in suicide cleanup work. I have cleaned after suicides in 24 states and mountains, deserts, and seaside resorts. I have worked at suicide cleanup without it electricity or running water in homes and cabins at altitudes over 6000 feet in freezing weather. I have done suicide cleanup worked in the middle of the desert in hundred degree weather without benefit of water or electricity. Therefore, I believe I can guarantee my work and satisfy your needs for a suicide cleanup.

Once anybody experiences this horrific event last thing they need is someone playing games with their mind or family resources. I have no intention of playing games with anyone under any circumstances. I will not ask you to sign off on my work to free myself from responsibility to you for work I said I have "completed."



A suicide by a friend or family member sometimes comes as a shock and sometimes we anticipated. Sometimes we anticipated quietly without mention it to anyone else and sometimes we let others know that we suspect it's coming. Whether we know or suspect that the suicide is coming in the family or relationship outside the family, we are stuck with many moral and ethical issues that humanity struggled with from its very beginning.

Philosophers going back to Socrates and Plato have question issues related to suicide. So ideas you have in your mind now have a long history. Feelings of guilt, feelings of embarrassment, and feelings of shame and distrust will arise. In the end, there's no one to blame.

I perform suicide cleanup for the very wealthy. I can say that I perform suicide cleanup for people who were dirt poor. And I've worked at suicide cleanup for 12-year-old suicide victims as well as 90-year-old suicide victims. And never have I really known what was going on inside the mind of the suicide victim.

For suicides among teenagers I suspect there's peer pressure and shame involved. I know that social media plays a big role in the lives of teenagers because I spent 10 years in the classroom teaching English language arts, including English as a second language, writing, and sociology.

We know that older white males account for about 73% of suicides in the American population. We know that white females account for about 17% of suicides in the United States. We know that black females have the highest rate of attempted suicides in the United States. And we know that black females have the lowest rate of successful suicides among those who attempt suicide. And we know that women with a Philippine extraction have the lowest rate of suicide in the California. Latina women typically have a low suicide rate, except for some reason, in Santa Ana, California, the female Latino rate is unusually high relative to the rest the California. I suspect in this case that the game culture has something to do with Latino female suicides.


Suicide Cleanup

Most often meaning the nature of the weapons used, time, place, conditions, and even whether play some role in suicide cleanup.

High caliber firearms like dear rifles, AK-47s, M-16s, and 9 mm handguns as well as 45 caliber handguns create a lot of damage to suicide victims. The spread of debris may be what I call "360 top to bottom.". This means that blood and other potentially infectious materials (OPIM) will have spread to four walls, the ceiling, and the floor. At times when these suicides occur in the ceiling fan is on, debris may even enter a partially open closet or adjoining rooms and hallways.

Suicide may lead to an unattended death at times. Most naturally it seems, the majority of suicides are unattended deaths. I remain amazed at the famous suicide attempts and success of Sylvia Plath, a noted writer. She had a long history of attempted suicides and we have no reason to understand she really did mean to kill herself and her last attempt.

As in previous attempts to commit suicide, Sylvia and mean arrangements for someone to visit her and save her. Of course the expected visitor had no reason to expect they would walk in on an attempted suicide. In this case, Sylvia and placed her head in a gas oven as she saw her friend and visitor approaching her home. Unbeknownst to Sylvia, her friend's walked to her house was interrupted before she reached her destination, Sylvia's home. She spoke with a friend at that time and then proceeded to Sylvia's house where she found Sylvia had succumbed to gas poisoning.

We never know how many times someone attempts suicide before they succeed. At times we never know how many time others practice at suicide while not fully aware that they are literally playing with death. Some psychologists have suggested that cigarette smoking alcohol abuse, drug abuse, motorcycle riding, and other extreme behaviors are suicidal.

Eddie Evans, Suicide cleanup page narrator






I'm Eddie Evans and I wrote this Suicide cleanup narrative. I have no relationship at all to county employees' referral scams.

You may want to call your homeowners insurance company to ask about your coverage for suicide cleanup. Most often coverage occurs when there's damage to the residence. With a claim number, the name of your adjuster, and any other pertinent information I can be and cleaning without requiring payment from you. The important idea here is that I talk with your adjuster before working.

You're welcome to call any day at any hour and ask about my prices. You will learn that my prices are well below my competitors prices. You will also learn that I'm willing to come back if for some reason you find something lacking in my cleaning performance. I say again, I've been in the business 15 years I have nothing to hide and I have everything to gain by earning your trust and loyalty.

Regardless what anybody told you, so long as you are not being paid for suicide cleanup, you have a perfect right to do suicide cleanup in your own home or the home of a relative. There's no government in the United States that would restrict us from suicide cleanup in our own homes. It's unimaginable that anybody would even say so. But, unfortunately, some biohazard company representatives tell lies or naïvely say otherwise.

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