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San Diego County Feces Cleanup Video




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When it comes to my expenses for feces cleanup, I keep in mind that Chula Vista is much farther than Carlsbad. Even though these two cities are far apart, they both receive the same service fee considerations for feces cleanup. These feces cleanup considerations become important as my workday drags on and my feces cleanup material waste increases.

For example, a Coronado feces cleanup job entailed 300 pound of pigeon feces removal. That's a lot of feces cleanup work for one day. Feces cleanup requires shovels, brooms, and bags to hold the feces. Feces cleanup gets expensive at such times, too. Then there's the Del Mar feces cleanup job that removed 40 pounds of human feces. Although not as heavy as an El Cajon feces cleanup job the following day, human feces cleanup is the worse type of feces cleanup.

I once removed feces from an unattended death cleanup job in Encinitas. The decedent's family was poor. So I did not charge for the feces cleanup, only the unattended death cleanup. I should have charged for the feces cleanup because human feces littered the premises. People lose control of the bowels as they grow sicker and older at times. I found a similar condition in Escondido. There feces cleanup entailed diarrhea cleanup and not an unattended death cleanup. When it comes to San Diego County overall, the incidence of feces cleanup calls for diarrhea remain low. I suppose it has something to do with the youthful military in San Diego at any one time.

Two Feces cleanup jobs in Imperial Beach at the same home came within days of one another. The family had the need and the discretionary income, so I offered my feces cleanup services to serve their feces cleanup needs.
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