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San Diego County Feces Cleanup Information

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$250 Service Fee

CASH - PayPal (debit - credit)


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San Diego County Feces Cleanup Services

This long-winded narrative goes on an on. So go to the page menu to find San Diego County feces cleanup price information. Also see conditions for work if you care to take the time.. Perhaps they were referred to another feces cleanup company with the power way area and found the price is too high. Perhaps they could find nobody to service their needs. After searching the Internet and using a variety of keywords, they landed upon feces cleaning or perhaps even feces cleanup. Then they reached one of my many websites. You follow a similar path to this place I'm sure. My San Diego County blood cleanup web site uses a similar marketing approach, too. Like blood cleanup, few people reach my feces cleanup pages by word-of-mouth; few people require the service.

The only people that refer my business to others are social workers answering a call from another San Diego County social worker; It's because of an elderly population growing infirm and those with mental health conditions. These people need my feces cleanup services more than any other San Diego County population. So social workers find themselves in need of a feces cleanup practitioner like myself. Other than that, 98% of my feces cleanup business for San Diego County comes by way of the Internet.

I spend many hours and thousands of dollars to make this happen. And it all factors into my $250 for most cleaning service fees.

I've used the Internet for marketing since 1998. I became proficient quickly enough in the early days because Yahoo! was king of the Internet for search results. This is way before pay-per click advertising and Google arrived. In those days, simply having a domain name similar to the subject content of a website was enough to garner 20% to 25% of my search engine optimization needs. But once pay-per click arrived, it didn't matter what domain names I owned; competitors would use pay-per click.

So when you search for a San Diego feces cleanup company, you will find as you know, the pay-per click advertisers at the top of search pages for Bing, Google, and Yahoo!. Most of my competitors will not do this work for anything less than $1000. Others like cleaning companies, maid services, will not even consider entering a feces contaminated building.

Who Calls for San Diego County feces cleanup?

What type of situations cause people to call for feces cleanup help and who are they?

Families and business owners usually call.


When families call for feces cleanup, often times it's because a family does not live in San Diego County, cannot clean for their sibling or parent. So they have a loved one in San Diego County and make the call for their ailing relative. Here's a list of common calls for feces cleanup services:

  • Family members calling for an elderly person who has incontinence and had an accident.
  • Family members calling for a relative who has a mental health problem and for reasons beyond our understanding, they've either filled the toilet to the brim and/or began to defecate elsewhere in their home outside of their toilet.
  • Family members call for a vacated home left to them by a deceased relative; the home was occupied by the homeless, squatters, and because the water was turned off along with electricity, the homeless went ahead and used the toilets without flushing; the toilets then filled. Perhaps the squatters began to fill buckets and pails with their feces as well.
  • Businesses

    San Diego County businesses in need of feces cleanup call because homeless and others defecate in front of their store, office, building. Sometimes a disgruntled former employee will poop in front of a business building.

    These are frequent callers in the San Diego City area because of the growing homeless population. It is the same in Los Angeles County as well as Ventura county.

    In the Chula Vista area, I received a couple of calls from real estate management companies in need of feces cleanup in front of strip mall stores. Here, homeless and learn to camp out in bushes near a freeway during the day, and then moved to the sidewalk near storefronts. In one case, a lady homeless person pooped on the nearby grass and left her use toilet paper tossed about. So when it comes to poop cleanup in Chula Vista, it's mostly been about business poop cleanup.

    In Oceanside because of come from families in need of cleaning after an elderly relative had pooped throughout their home because they've become incontinent and suffer Alzheimer's disease. We find Oceanside is a vacation as well as a retirement spot for veteran Marines and sailors. As they grow older they need help and that's where my service comes in.


San Diego County feces cleanup Fee

Please keep this in mind: some feces cleanup task are so demanding that the require more than my service fee in any hourly negotiation. Those cleaning task cannot be clearly quoted until I have seen what is to be done. Any time a task will take more than four or six hours, or even days, expect to spend more than $1000.

$250 service fee

My $250 service fee is usually for cash, but I make exceptions in some very special circumstances. Expect to pay cash though. The service the includes up to one hour of work toward cleaning up the feces contamination. Please understand that by "up to one hour of work" I mean that I will work up to one hour to cleanup the feces for which you have called.

To make this more clear, if I can remove the feces and minutes or even seconds, you still owe me $250 for the service charge. This does not mean that I will find some other task in your home or business and continue cleaning at some other task for up to one hour.

At times I may work beyond one hour for 10 or even up to 20 minutes and leave it at that without causing an hourly fee. There are number of issues involved in whether or not I will charge more for the extra time. I list those down below under "conditions." Hourly fees usually will run anywhere from $40-$60 an hour depending on conditions.

My hourly fee is invoked after one hour feces cleanup service covered by my service fee. At a minimum my hourly fee is $40 and can go up to $60 depending on circumstances, the conditions in which I'm going to work. As above, in very large feces cleanup task human, dog, cat, rat, mice, birds, and wild nature, I do not quote over the telephone. I must see work seen in the conditions. Usually when it's a very large taking more than four or six hours, or even days or weeks, I will negotiate a price with a down payment beyond my service fee.

My largest poop cleanup job was for a bird infestation in a four-story Fresno pickle factory that had been closed down for decades. School students from Fresno high school had broken many the windows on the factory and pigeons moved in for over a decade. It took three weeks to clean. Thousands of dollars repaid for this task and I was the low bidder. Usually when there is a bid to be made by more than one company, I will come in with the lowest price and here's why:

  • I have no employees to pay although it takes me longer to do the job;
  • I have no employee Workmen's Compensation to pay;
  • I have no employee health care to pay;
  • I have no employee Social Security to pay;
  • I have no employee vacation pay to pay.


Cleaning Conditions

Part of my feces cleanup prices for San Diego County reflect the overall cleaning conditions of anyone task. These can involve the availability of water and electricity, nearby parking, and other considerations. Here a list some of the more important considerations as they come to mind:

Time of day that cleaning will occur.

Because I must travel long distance to anyone San Diego County feces cleanup site, I prefer to leave very early in the morning to miss the rush hour traffic. By arriving early I can first find the address I'm called to clean and then find a place to rest until cleaning time. This way I can arrive rested and ready to go to work without having encountered the hazards and frustrations of San Diego County traffic conditions.

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Availability of parking;

The closer I can park to the work site the better. It means that I don't have to carry my supplies as far will return as far which saves me time and money. It also helps with security issues. My parking close to the work site I can keep an eye on my truck and this is important to me. Also, when I can park in the driveway so much the better.

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Distanced to the cleaning site.

Because I must travel many miles to anyone San Diego County feces cleanup site, distances very important. Not only must I use more gasoline and cause more wear and tear on my vehicle, the time involve cost me as well. This is important reason why I should leave early.

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Availability of water and/or electricity;

Occasionally in an abandoned house or in a house waiting renovation or new ownership, the homeless will move in. During the meantime electricity and water will of been discontinued. As a result I may need to provide my own electricity and carry my own water. As a result I must bring a generator to generate electricity. The electricity is used for both lights and a wet dry vacuum. I can bring bottles water and I might charge five dollars per bottle which carry 5 gallons of water. This depends on overall conditions in the cleaning situation.

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Light and ventilation related to the cleaning scene;

Light and ventilation are important because I need to see what I'm doing. Not all homes are designed with good lighting. Sometimes for aesthetic reasons families will choose dim light further entire home. This does not help me when it comes to cleaning in a bathroom, for instance. Ventilation is important for my own health and well-being as well as my comfort while dealing with feces cleanup issues.

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Overall condition of the cleaning environment;

Whether or not others are present and whether or not pets are in the building;Other people present in the residence, the building, can slow down cleaning. Sometimes there are helpful though. It's a question of whether or not they get in the way. I don't mind people watching and sometimes it's useful to have a responsible person and he to answer questions. For example, I prefer to use side doors to the residence or building or even a back door when possible. I need to know I have permission to do this. I don't like for neighbors to see me coming and going for cleaning supplies.

As far as anyone in the neighborhood is concerned, if I know they see me carrying and cleaning supplies, "I'm doing spring cleaning."

Overall though, if an elderly person is present in moving about they may get in the way. They move slow. Sometimes very frail people will present safety hazards for themselves and myself. Children are problem, especially when there running around the house. Children combined with pets can be a real big problem because I need to keep them out of the way so I can work. I dormant pets or children tracking over areas that and cleaning.

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Overall neighborhood security

Once while working at a San Diego County feces cleanup scene, I left the door ajar on an apartment that had been vacated. The "resident was not coming back." My truck was nearly 1/4 mile away an downhill from the apartment. As a result I had to carry my supplies uphill which added to my energy drain.

The door was left ajar because I had no key to keep the apartment block on my trips downhill. Management refused to give me a key. As a result, several people were watching me and timed my trips downhill and uphill. While I was gone in one trip, they entered the apartment and took a large screen television. Management insisted that I pay for the television. All of this worked against me from the beginning and I had no way out of it other than to pay for the television. So in the end, my trip to San Diego County cost me more money, a few hundred dollars more, then I stood to make.

So when it comes neighborhood security I'm quite aware of how important security is for myself, my vehicles, in my cleaning supplies. One day in 2017 while cleaning in Los Angeles County somebody broken the my van and stole the $2200 floor mission. So yes, anytime I do a San Diego County feces cleanup job I'm very aware of my surroundings and account security is a primary condition of my overall price of cleaning feces from a residence or business.

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Diarrhea from food poisoning by contact with E. coli bacteria and other infectious bacteria can lead to a serious illness and even death. It can last anywhere from a few days and results in dehydration. Because the patient does not drink enough fluid and when they do drink enough fluid it comes out the rectum, they find themselves in a dangerous position. The signs of dehydration usually begin with a failure the skin to stretch as it does during normal healthy conditions. Also patients become irritable as they lose control of their bowels. A loss of skin color followed with decreased urinating accompanies an increased heart rate.;

Diarrhea is known as dysentery when blood occurs with the watery fecal discharge.
Clean drinking water along with improved sanitation can help to reduce the occurrence of diarrhea in the general population. Of course clean drinking water is important has is hand washing with soap after using the toilet. We find that even now the germ theory of disease arose between 1880 and 1900, today there are many people who act as if they do not believe in the germ theory of disease. These are the people going to public rest rooms and do not use soap and water to wash their hands before leaving. Decontaminate other people indirectly by touching doorknobs, eating utensils and more.

Every year about 1 million people die worldwide from diarrhea related to poor hygiene conditions. You can see how an outbreak in San Diego County could lead to outbreaks in the United States Navy and Marine Corps because of the high population of service people in the San Diego County region. Once infected, these people could return these carry the germs from contaminating fecal matter to their headquarters, barracks, and ships. In essence, poor feces cleanup could lead to a national security issue.


An idyllic spot to visit for short time, Carlsbad remains fairly well off the tourist grid. Its idyllic environment and picturesque view of the Pacific Ocean leads residents to protect their privacy. As a result, the setting California city remains one of the prettiest and best-kept secrets Brett stated California. Still, I found myself there early one morning to cleanup feces left on the sidewalk outside a local restaurant. With 106,000 residents, it's not likely any the locals left this poop cleanup task for the neighbors are city government.

Coronado remains United States Navy enclave, but it has become heavily populated by renters. They seem to clean up after themselves overall and as of yet, I've had no feces cleanup calls from this military city. Other cities like El Cajon And I must assume it's because you don't need poop cleanup services. With only 60,000 residents, Encinitas. like Lemon Grove remain safe from vandalizing homeless poop bandits.

Escondido has about 150,000 residents and grows rapidly as out-of-state migrants choose to settle down here. The business sector does well to as the city grows. The only work I've done heartwood need a few more decades before the area known ass concrete polishing in the past. That didn't work out so well; hence the feces cleanup.

Like other Beach cities in Southern California, Imperial Beach As full-time employees for cleaning beaches as well as public rest rooms So it's unlikely I'll hear from government entities in the city. Also, the business and residential communities are yet to find any for my services. I do expect to hear from La Mesa in the near future.

Here's a city located in the South Bay. Because of traffic congestion becomes hard-to-reach any time moving through the San Diego Metropolitan area. With a population of roughly 59,000, we can expect National City to grow by another 10,000 in a very short period of time. San Marco like the surrounding cities, served as home base for a band of Native Americans in the 18 century. Attacked by Spanish troops, these American Indians made their way into the hills. There they made a life of hunting and gathering on a Spartan diet.

San Diego County would wait another generation before areas like Santee and Solana Beach came under a new and vibrant Mexican government.
Vista means view or view point in Spanish. In the northeastern part of San Diego County, Vista services home to some 110,000 residents. It's a nice place to live and residence here have little need for a feces cleanup service.


February 22, 2018


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My $250 service fee is written elsewhere covers the cost of cleaning chemicals, tools, equipment. It may also include up to one hour of labor. Any labor required beyond one hour may not be counted as far as an additional fee depending on circumstances. I write about "conditions" above in these help to explain what circumstances may arise to cause an additional fee.

Residential cleaning will most often require cash. For businesses, I may accept payment by PayPal, a check, or wait for payment after of send an invoice for your tax purposes. For sewage cleanup, I will require a $50 down payment via PayPal. Because of unpleasant circumstances involving sewage cleanup in San Diego County, I'm forced to wreak acquired families and businesses to pay this small amount toward my own expenses. Too many times people have decided that they did not need my services after all or use someone else's services before I could arrive. This $50 is nonrefundable unless for some reason I cannot make it due to traffic conditions were breakdown.