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San Diego County Feces Cleanup Narrative

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CASH - Negotiable at times depending on distance, time - -

I also do  San Diego County toilet cleanup for toilets filled with feces.

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San Diego County Feces Cleanup Narrative




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My San Diego County feces cleanup fee has a $250 service charge. This includes the first 60 minutes of labor. Thereafter I charge depending upon working conditions. At times I will work longer for the feces service charge amount. It depends upon conditions. Usually I ask for about $40 per hour for feces cleanup when I know I'm going to go well over one hour. It's hard to say until I see what's going on.

Some San Diego County residents and business owners will be surprised to know that some people do fill toilets completely full of human feces. This often occurs when a home is been invaded by the homeless and they become squatters. It happens in cases of drug abuse and/or mental illness is the result of organic problems as well as alcohol and drug abuse. It's not so far beyond belief to understand that some San Diego County schizophrenics will sometimes totally fellow toilet. On one San Diego County job I was required to remove human feces that filled a toilet and then remove human feces from the same residence bathtub.

As you can imagine this is a quite  expensive process. I call this service "toilet feces clean out" or "bathtub feces clean out."I charge $350 for a toilet feces clean out. A bathtub feces clean out can cost anywhere from $10 to $950 depending on the circumstances. I cannot judge the cost until I'm on the premises. Suffice it to say, if I do a toilet clean out and I may be obliged to do a small amount of feces clean up from a bathtub for $10, but this is in very minor soiling cases.