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Escondido Feces Cleanup Information



$250 CASH with some exceptions -

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I'm Eddie Evans and this is my Escondido Feces Cleanup Information.

I do the following:

  • I arrive on time because I leave hours early to account for traffic -
  • I remove feces and bag for removal beyond your property -
  • I scrub with sa soapy bleach solution and disinfect with bleach -

Questions I might ask -

I ask a bunch of questions so I can to help learn so that I can determine what tools I'll need to carry in my vehicle. These questions are something like the following:

  1. Is there parking?
  2. Is this a one-time occurrence or an ongoing occurrence?
  3. Is this feces cleanup task indoors or outdoors?
  4. Is this feces cleanup task in a bedroom, bathroom,
  5. Does this feces cleanup include carpet?
  6. Is there electricity and running water?
  7. Who is the responsible party?
  8. Is an illness involved?
  9. Are pets going to be in the premises?


  1. Is there parking? There are reasons why knowing about parking is important besides the most obvious reason, access to the feces cleanup site. For example, if I must walk a long distance uphill I'll soon wear out before I move all my equipment to the cleaning site and return it to my truck or van. Also, there are security concerns in Escondido. I have learned the hard way from bad experiences that parking a long distance from my vehicle can be a security problem. It happens that when some local residents see me coming and going to my vehicle they may wait in place for an opportunity to steal from me. This has happened to me twice in Escondido in the last 17 years. (return)
  2. Is this a one-time occurrence or an ongoing occurrence? It's important to know if this is a one-time occurrence or an ongoing event that has created a large quantity of feces. I need to know what tools to bring, what cleaning solutions, what disinfectants to bring, and what vehicle. It's also important to know when I'm dealing with so I know how much to charge. If I know beforehand that it's a one-time occurrence or something that's taken place in the last week as a result of the homeless persons defecating habit for the short term, I have an idea what I'm dealing with. But if it's an ongoing occurrence and I need to be prepared for the worst. This also leads to price questions. (return)
  3. Indoors, outdoors, or both? I need to know before hand if I'll be working indoors or outdoors or both. Yes it sometimes feces cleanup does include both indoors and outdoor activities depending on the circumstances. Especially where filthy house cleanup is involved, feces cleanup may occur both indoors and outdoors when the feces have been collected in 5 gallon pails. These are kept outdoors after a while. There often kept indoors to because toilets have become packed with human feces. But this is another story. See my toilet cleanup pages. (return)
  4. Is feces in the living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, hallway, or a combination of rooms. For instance, when somebody has an illness that begins in the bathroom the feces cleanup will most often occur just in the bathroom, but not always. If somebody's in the kitchen washing dishes in the event begins by accident, then the feces cleanup may extend from the kitchen sink area floor, through the living room and dining room, to the hallway, and then into the bathroom and up into the toilet. This is often the case when diarrhea tax a person quite suddenly. (return)
  5. Does this feces cleanup include carpet? (return)
  6. Is there electricity and running water? Although I can clean up feces without water in and electricity, sometimes I must charge more for either water or electricity or both depending on circumstances. For water I must bring 5 gallon bottles to saturate the feces area to be cleaned and then rinsed. For electricity I must bring a generator, for which I must provide gasoline as well as oil. Plus there's wear and tare that I must account for in my price. (return)
  7. Who is the responsible party? The responsible is the person that I meet and then shows me the feces cleanup task. The responsible party will also be the person that pays me in cash or in some other way informs me about payment alternatives. Most often the responsible party is the person who called for the feces cleanup information. (return)
  8. Is an illness involved? It's often helpful to know if an illness is involved, especially in cases where diarrhea is involved. When feces cleanup of diarrhea becomes the task at hand, I use some extra cautions, like wearing extra long rubber gloves while cleaning. I may even use a room fogger to help disinfect the entire room before work begins. Or perhaps I'll just use the fogger on the floor and any objects that may have been contaminated by the sick person's feces. As a matter of course, we consider anyone who has diarrhea as a sick person. There's more about sickness and diarrhea on my feces cleanup narrative page. (return)
  9. Are pets going to be in the premises if cleanup is to occur inside a building? It's important for me to know because sometimes pets will hinder feces cleanup work. On a long-term feces cleanup job outside of Phoenix, Arizona, half a dozen cats within the premises slowed my progress. I cleaned during the day and during the day the owner slept in a basement. The household cats were left to wander on the first floor, and when the front door was open the cats headed for the front door. I understood why they could not go out because we were in a semi-rural area and coyotes patrolled the area frequently at night. As a result, I was forced to ensure the door was closed behind me even though I needed it to remain open so that I could remove both feces and furnishings. (return)


Feces's Anonymity

Why should anyone care about feces and anonymity?

It's because of cultural taboos that we should have concerns. For medical reasons too, our tendency to turn discussions about our own feces, stool, into what some people call it a "metalanguage" hinders communication and learning.

Metalanguage is that type of language that gives allusions to a subject not spoken of in polite company. Gestures generally do the subtle communicating.

It's the kind of language that takes place at those Thanksgiving dinners with the family seated quietly and enjoying their dinner. Metalanguage is just under the surface of spoken language and often applies to subjects considered taboo or otherwise socially unacceptable for discussion.

Only with our physicians do we talk about our feces, and even then most of us will feel pleasantly embarrassed by the whole subject matter. This type of behavior that causes us to give feces a type of anonymity has health hazards.

Feces anonymity AIDS the spread of dysentery and other illnesses, and even AIDS the spread of cholera. We do not find feces anonymity in the military because of what infantry and other combat arms soldiers call "field hygiene." Professional soldiers will tell you that trenches are used in the field as feces depositories during training. These feces dump sites are then covered with lime and dirt. A sign is conspicuously posted nearby giving the date of the feces slit trench closure. Otherwise, feces remains a subject kept within the bounds of metalanguage.

It's not uncommon for people to seek a feces cleanup company like my own when a homeless person takes a poop near their business front door. In Escondido the homeless population has grown very rapidly as environmental migration occurs from the southern states. It happens that human caused global warming exacerbates hurricanes which destroy homes, including many rental properties. As a result, tenants move from their Texas and Louisiana homes and head to Southern California, especially Escondido and Los Angeles County.

So these homeless populations live on our San Diego city streets and find the necessity of pooping requires that they poop wherever they may. Sometimes this means pooping near a well lit area for their own security. Hence, I get calls for Escondido feces cleanup from businesses more than residences. In fact, Escondido feces cleanup calls have increased rapidly in the last 12 months as a result of Escondido homelessness. This is how I come to place human caused global warming as one of the drivers of my increased Escondido feces cleanup business.

So my Escondido feces cleanup business has grown so rapidly that I now offer businesses an ongoing feces cleanup rate. It's below my $250 fee and generally runs at about $190-$200 per feces cleanup task. See below for more on my feces cleanup prices.

As for feces anonymity, from my observations I find the idea that people simply do not want to deal with feces. They do not even want to talk about it. In fact, the term feces is new for many San Diego residents vocabulary. They ask, "Who do we call to clean up this poop?". Once they learn the term they're looking for they then search the Internet for "feces cleanup" or "feces removal" or even "San Diego feces cleanup services." Some people go directly to Google, Bing or even Yahoo. Some people go to or some other information website.

Anyway, some of the taboos related to the term feces will begin to diminish as the plight of the homeless increases.

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Teaching Feces Awareness - Children - Handwashing

As a consequence of feces anonymity it becomes important to teach feces awareness. It's important that children learn the term "feces" and understand that it's part of life for everyone. Of course they know that dogs, cats, and other pets excrete feces. But there trained by unspoken gestures by parents and siblings that feces is not polite subject for discussion.


By the time children reach kindergarten they have generally taken control of their bowel movements. Those moments of defecating in their diapers because of uncontrolled excitement have passed, generally. It comes to pass that those kindergarten students who do poop their pants become highly embarrassed and ashamed of what's happened to them. They may even try to hide their problem. Of course it's a difficult matter to hide when feces soils their underwear. When a classroom with 20 other children, a teacher, and a Escondido teachers aide, their shame has no ends when they poop their pants.

Consequently, it's important to teach feces awareness to help children deal psychologically with their private needs in this matter. They need to know not to shame others, too.

Hand Washing

Simple matters like handwashing after the toilet should be practiced in school as a group. This may seem silly, but the fact is many children enter the school system without knowing that they should be washing their hands after using the toilet. We know this from experiences that public toilets.

For example, is not uncommon to enter a public restroom or a private restroom as we might find at the Home Depot hardware store and find grown men exiting the private toilet stalls not washing their hands. Plus, the same individuals may use the door handle to exit the restroom after soiling their hands with feces. Now, anyone touching his door handles is contaminated by the feces. It would be better if the Home Depot and other businesses as well as government agencies designed toilet rooms without doorways. We find this to be the case in many Walmart stores as well as some major truck stops along our nation's highways. The San Diego Freeway has several of these truck stops.

So it's a good idea to raise feces awareness for personal and public hygiene, as well as a sense of well being in these matters.



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Composition of Human Feces

When I received the Escondido feces cleanup call, another member of known and unknown concerns vex my callers. Here's a sample list of what troubles these callers:

  • Health issues, which arise from a mistaken belief that human feces is biohazardous and it is not unless it has blood in it.
  • Workplace job descriptions, which arise when employers realize that they do know that they do not want their employees doing feces cleanup work as part of their job responsibilities, otherwise these employees may leave employment.
  • Plus, employers know that there's a social stigma attached to feces cleanup work.
  • Families unable to care for an elderly parent or sibling call because they live in a great distance from their parent or sibling in need of feces cleanup help.
  • Social welfare agencies call for feces cleanup following one of the clients loss of control in the home or institution.

Some health risks arise in human, dog, cat, bird, rat, or mice feces cleanup. For mice, the great risk is Hunta Virus. For human feces, there are a number of risks, including diarrhea, dysentery, and the spread of cholera.

Feces occur in the stomach as solid or semisolid matter accumulates during digestion in the intestines and stomach. Basically, food rots on its way from the mouth to the anus while bacteria in the large and small intestines help to decompose the matter. Of course the stomach plays a great role in the breakdown of food into digestible nutrients. The stomach breaks down food with very acidic fluids.

Bacteria do their part in this metabolic waste production by working with bacterial altered bilirubin. Dead epithelial cells develop along the side of the gut as digestion takes place.

Defecation send fecal matter to the anus as these feces waste products are excreted. We know that human feces has a great variety of sizes, colors, semisolid, solid, and mucus coatings. These various shapes, sizes, and odors place tell about a person's health. In fact, in ancient China it was not uncommon for the ruling class to have their feces' odors smelled by practicing Royal doctors.

The term "stool" is used instead of the term "feces" in different settings, especially among medical workers. Along with human urine we call human excretions excreta.

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San Marcos
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Diarrhea becomes deadly because it causes its victims to become dehydrated. Often caused by bacteria which are related to soiled food, the victim slowly loses control of their bowels and dehydrates. Although it may begin with a great loss of control, it slowly means the fluids from its victims. Tends to shut us down for a day and sometimes even longer. In persons with serious illnesses it may even cause death.

Today medical science tells us that diarrhea becomes deadly under the wrong conditions. Most often a general nuisance in our lives, we know now that unfriendly bacteria in her gut may carry the C. difficile bacteria, a common bacteria and dirty water in the pond food, like leafy foods in salads.

Some sociologists have reported that victims C. difficile reaches many is 500,000 every year. These victims are most often young kids in the Third World. The diet diarrhea most often with the cute dehydration. This may also occur in Escondido. And it's good reason why feces cleanup for patients with diarrhea should follow strict cleaning guidelines.

Just like other animals, our bodies are designed to fight back against dangerous bacteria like C. difficile. Our bodies produce friendly bacteria that fight this problem bacteria. Given an opportunity to grow unhindered we find that C. difficile may diminish in number with proper medical care, but with withdrawal of proper medical care to soon it will return with a vengeance. It will not only return with a vengeance, it may have adapted to the use of antibiotics.

Symptoms will show up as severe gas pressure and because the stomach to be become tender gas pressure will extend the intestines as well as the stomach.

Some patients have required an injection of probiotic stool substitutes to return their stomachs to a normal condition. Even the use of healthy stool samples injected into the stomach have been used to fight off harmful bacteria. Is it any wonder we survive with all the problems that even our feces must contend?

Throughout history the world's ruling classes dealt with feces cleanup by using slaves and paid labor. In ancient Greece and then Rome slaves were used the cleanup feces. As early as the sixth century BC slaves were used to bury feces from the cave dwellers.

As social stratification developed into more sophisticated class hierarchies and social antagonisms, we find that those in charge of feces cleanup bore a social stigma of types. Even in



Ruling Class Feces Cleanup - Ecological Issues

Poop cleanup task created wicked problems all along. Even social planners as late as today have introduced the idea that poop cleanup is a wicked problem because feces cleanup problems are unbounded and contradictory. They are difficult to solve because of information that often remains incomplete. Requirements of those who want to solve these problems find a problem that keeps changing. There is nothing worse for medical doctor and to discover that his or her patients feces offers problems of its own. This occurs when human feces shows that it derived from an ill person.

We find in a wicked problem a variety of incompatible's perspectives, which are neither a definitive problem for formulation nor an optimal solution waiting. Worst of all, solutions to these problems may creator revealed even more problems. Does this happen during a professional feces cleanup in a home? At times, yes. Mostly it's a straightforward affair. Just the same, feces cleanup can offer wicked problems.

Here's an example, on any San Diego County street, feces is left as a result of a diarrhea splattering of liquid feces upon the wall, the feces will drive to a cementatious like consistency. It will resist emulsification by water and even buy cleaning solutions. A strong power washing might work, but one does not power washing Escondido and allow the water and feces to flow off into the street.

To do so may result in a $10,000 fine. So, in terms of the wicked feces cleanup problems, cleaning up feces on a city street may be more complex than we might imagine. It takes a lot of effort, apply chemicals, effort, scrubbing and rinsing, and plenty of paper towels to soak up the residue. I call this a "wicked problem."

Ecological Issues

With all the wicked problems in our world, we find that feces brings about ecological issues as well as health issues. We don't even have a good common language to talk about these problems. We can use precise technical terms to build an airplane or create an organic structure of some sort for agriculture, but when it comes to urban waste problems dealing with human feces, we have no common language. There is no science to feces cleanup, in other words.

So the stuff we're talking about is really quite simple. It's excrement from any body whatsoever that happens to be organic. Since all bodies are organic, all bodies must have feces. Plus, like other animals, we have millions of bacteria that grow in our guts. There's quite a few cells lining or gut too.

Excrement is defined in terms of the anal spencer. It is defined by the animal it is leaving behind most particularly.




Escondido feces cleanup fees generally top out at $250 for my service fee. Rarely do I charge more. It's because most of my Escondido feces cleanup tasks have something to do with with Escondido's homeless population, which has increased by hundreds, especially around the San Diego airport, the sports center, 17th Street and 6th Street.

Almost without exception, I cannot reach any of Escondido's cities in less than 90 minutes, even if I leave in the middle of the night. With that said, San Diego feces cleanup fees are the same that I charge in Los Angeles County and Orange County (I live in Orange County on the Los Angeles border - - Coyote Creek.)

I require cash payment for residential feces cleanup because of past experiences with bounced checks. At any time my cleaning business can go under because it remains at the point were any more losses cannot be recovered quickly enough in needed amounts.

Some businesses, government agencies, and government related agencies may sometimes pay by check. I send an invoice and they in turn send the check.

I do not use credit cards because of the expense. Banks and Paypal charge for a credit card account and in the past I learned it wasn't worth my time. By the time I pay for the credit card account and then pay a percentage on each feces cleanup task, my wife wonders why I even bother.

Although I prefer to work less than an hour, I do sometimes work longer on large Escondido feces cleanup tasks. I now quote each job separately, but generally expect to pay $40 to $50 per hour beyond the first hour.

Bilirubin, a yellow compound occurring within the normal digestive pathways that break down heme (biological molecules) in vertebrates