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My reading and writing on the suicide act.

Assisted Suicide and Suicide Cleanup
Suicide cleanup technician finds a suicide note under a cancer patient's bed.
A Los Angeles suicide cleanup technician finds a suicide note under a sailor's bed.
Suicide technician finds a suicide note under a young suicide victim's bloody pillow.
Suicide cleanup for the rich and famous.
What were our suicide victim's last thoughts?
Conversation with a dying sister
Ozone Decontamination

My reading and writing on the suicide act.

Multidimensionality Malaise - Religion

Perhaps someone will benefit by what I write here about suicide, but that's not why I write these ideas on suicide.

Like anyone else I probably considered the various sorts of death available to human beings early in my life. Surely suicide came up as a subject to consider, It wasn't until age 16 that suicide struck the father of a young school friend, Bill A. His father worked for the Vernon Police Department.

Later I would meet other people who suffered a suicide in their family. Even now I find older people like myself dropping hints that suicide occupies their minds from time-to-time. "It's the economy, stupid," which causes so much anxiety in baby boomers. Of course there are seen and unseen forces at work, besides the most obvious, unemployment.

My reading and writing, until only recently, centered on suicide cleanup techniques and cleaning. Now I've broadened my writiing to include suicide in more general terms, literary and sociologically. I have written about suicide cleanup at this web page: Suicide Cleanup. Writing on suicide, philosophy, and an anthropological look and indigenous youth suicide in Alaska fills part of this page.

I read Plato, Schopenhauer, and or CC out of an academic interest. Having a reading background during suicide cleanup helps when families care to talk about mysteries of suicide. I mean, it's good to have a background for relating what I know about suicide as well as suicide cleanup.

People often want to know about both, suicide and suicide cleanup, I mean. Many times I'm asked what brought me to suicide cleanup. I like to share. Most people appreciate hearing what I have to say about both suicide and suicide cleanup. They may have thought about their lost relative to suicide, or perhaps they too have thought about suicide. I know they appreciate clarification on some trains of thought.

Philosophy, psychology, neuoscience, sociology, and suicideology are among my areas of general interest. I first studied suicide as a sociology student.

Below I try to re-interpret Schopenhauer's short essay on suicide. I became more than pleased with this pessimist's words. I agree with much of his writing. I had never read Schopenhauer until reading this essay, which a psychologist by the name of Yalon recommended.

I expand on Shopenhauer by the ideas related to a suicide crisis among Alaskan youth. I don't think Schopenhauer would be useful for ending this crisis. At least his essay would not stop youth depression. Still, he adds to this discussion in useful ways to develop insights into what they may think before suicide.

These indigenous people were cut adrift from their cultural roots. First, an epidemic spread by white immigrants killed many of the eleder story tellers, the source of a traditional society's cultural knowledge, practices, and rituals. This happened in 1900, leaving four generations of indigenous people without a cultural backgroud, without a moral compass.

In some of the below sentences I believe some of the more profound questions of suicide come to mind then typically discussed, owing to the work of anthropologists.

Government controls hunting and fishing. A young male's role as a breadwinner declines as a result. Ego's deflate too. Their self-esteem begins to decline, if it did have much to it. (See my comments on neuro-mirroring nerve cells at Evans Enterprises.)

Hunting and fishing took a back seat to welfare checks in family mail boxes. If young indigenous males know anything of their past, it's that they come from self-reliant people shoulder-deep in a struggle to survive, and vivrantly and heroically so.

Place yourself in their shoes, and their contemporary, rootless, meaningless existence soon becomes apparent. Finding meaning will take self-innovation and cultural rehabilitation by help of their remaining elders with background in indigenous culture.

Researchers looked to the spike in suicide. Researchers analyzed this epidemic so they might understand it and help stop it. Disintegration of indigenous, cohesive families, with the indigenous male received as a burden, instead of a needed provider, plays a big part in indigenous youth suicides.

I purposely note again, some indigenous Alaskans find traditional culture vacant and of little value, as we witnessed among Native Americans further south. Also, their circumstances place them in a situation not so unlike that of black males in Chicago, Detroit, and other large urban areas. They become surplus population for a scarce job market. Those jobs that do exist rarely match the rewarding cultural outcomes of their traditional culture. They work separated from one another like clogs in a machine, alienated.

Multidimensionality Malaise

Some psychologists use multidimensionality malaise (physical description) to explain a general sense of weekness, powerlessness, an on-going sickness without a particular cause. Its cause has a social-cultural origin and has relationships to economic and psychological influences. It's a multicultural weakness combined with social dysfunction influencingindividuals, and vice-versa.


Suicide is inescapably a religious issue for many people. Some religions bring suicide into the realm of moral transgressions. Relilgions usually president a moral compass towards life and death and the force of the controllable. Some religions bring a lower rate of suicide to society because of their ability to nurture cohesiveness at the family level.

Evangelical religions seem to offer less cohesive forming messages than other sects of protestantism and catholicism. Durkheim considered suicide rates to be a major issue in the health of the social body. He believed suicide reflected the inability of a society to integrate and regulate Interests of individuals.

A healthy society should be able to prevent all sorts of deviant behavior, including suicide. There time predict suicide for situation. Suicide mins in the moral social act in the form of this organization. The Navy more holistic view determines that the individual and society are interdependent, interdependence is lots to Nadine, Alaska needed.


Some feel the need for suicide is a form of self punishment. Emotional stress as a social factor comes causation for suicide, in some cases.

Adding to suicide problems for native Alaskans, redistributing of the dead occurs soon after death, metaphysically speaking. Many indigenous people believe people are reborn into humans of the same name. This is of lilttle comfort in the context of a name wedged between traditional culture and Western cultures, the former dead or dying.

Adolescence as long as the period of life from Huberty to maturity and ending at the legal age of majority, age 18. The onset of puberty and maturity become unique to each individual. Insurance companies tend to favor a higher maturity age which may be as high as 825. For the last quarter of the 19th century adolescent suicide is then prolific and multidimensional, extensive, and diverse. Ecological suicide is now saying as the classic explanation suicide. Ecological suicide point 2 Pacific Ave. E totally. Three abnormal factors must coexist to produce high suicide rates these include social isolation, a severe life organization shattering crisis, and Dennis Davis work with her personality factor. Using these factors to identify suicide risk, authorities and some understanding of what look for.

A lot of people kill themselves? Research that. Some adolescents can have a suicidal prayer. The baby boomer bulge as increased the number of adolescent suicides from the 1960s and 19 seven. In the school setting, copycat suicides present next the need for middle school level, multidisciplinary, and multidirectional prices.

Oversee the day are suicide similar to their kinds among suicide which follows from rapid change in social forces. Mommy adolescent suicide is that you because of what is it that. When surmountable gap between aspirations and achievements use adolescent emotionally out-of-control. See how elastic this life even more true than in other places found in the United States. Adolescence thought processes become twisted or misinterpreted five. As resolved already confuse adolescence make decisions based on incorrect information. This rest of their thinking box the suicide victim into a further entwining this there.

Learning problem-solving skills of Mills rule and after before the victim becomes an golf in this therethings like an effective intervention for.

Anger will self-esteem, depression, inability to express failing, family structure difficulties, gang membership, drug abuse, poverty, racism, hopelessness, and more were listed as causal "factors" of adolescent scopycat suicides victims fall 08 Rex television news report.

Slow-moving or urinary laughing community. In the past suicide are carried out by over people who chose suicide over and see me needed resources.

legislation by Congress has added to meeting Alaskan burden by relocating them. The process of leg legislating change isolates native people from their own past much from their future possibilities. Their cultures come to a dead end. Cell in culture or enter friendly answer why human development. The loss of one views the development of the other.

Intel mainstay Alaskan suicide rates for below national rates. Beginning in nearly 1960 suicide victim rates began to escalate and surpass national rates. Most of these suicides occurred at the hands of male. We now know that you suicide rates been underreported by the state of Alaska.

The Alaska youth suicide rate in 1989 reached a rate or the times greater than the national rate. Some scholars attribute this to two factors. Western culture, and their classrooms while suicide victim within a traditional society without its cultural five.

Economically, Alaska is gone from being a colonial economy to ask for this, women importation Western culture into wormhole educational. Being addicted to television annoying all the trivial details of a particular show, not being able to interact with television characters largely unable to replicate a waiver rate stress me out if resorts to alcoholism space. Alaska natives have special problem due to the abbreviated time period in which they have two and form from a social and economic changes. 1.11, the owner of the long off her oral history has been lost in the face is his success today a and USPF FCC meeting provides for business power life for himself, fourth in the faith, dated by the people for this way the wisdom of faith impossible fax before they went forward. This growth domestically increases the visit is now Alaskan storytellers are usually fulfill anthropologists to focus him. 425 okay. When stories one by cultural anthropologists of yogurt, filters or a primitive man.

Primitive man

Primitive man look, he saw, he got serious. He scratched the niche. He got past "cause," thought nothing of "effect," and went directly through the proverbial backdoor to "resolve areas" this means primitive man decided to investigate. Placed himself in the process of profound change when he came to discover "choice on quoin which he.


As a grandmother might speak, in all started with primitive man. He looked, he saw, he got.. And as it is in the way of all monumental happenings, he scratch than it, your past open quote, love quote on nothing of "effect," and went directly through the proverbial backdoor to open in short he decided to investigate and so annoyingly placed himself in the process of a found change when he ambled into our future to is covered choice and find that is already made he had no choice. This is a wild animal he found himself become part of man's.. He thought in my draft?. Anyone, my seven immutable Wednesday, which determined he would always in all cases turned to aggression affect late patient of others whenever he was running.



Margaret Mead.bat "commitment" is today's mileage she explained that she wakes commitment with new human God. Commitment became a matter of choice between entire systems of thought. Now the new note in this century become, and I commit my life to anything? So it comes to a matter of this. Is there anything in human culture as a exist today for saving, work and winning myself?

Many Alaskan youth live in a pre-figurative life-style. I mean they have little or no connection with their past, and have yet to form a social-cultural schematic for their future. Put another way, they have no connection to their traitional culture and little expectation for their future.

One model for a solution at the middle school level uses with all the ritual direction.

Result. and found he already made this choice. Primitive man out that in change sometimes he gambled into a future to discover "choice

A major definition of adolescence means change. Change was suicidal adolescent victims comes about by an abnormal process adolescent incapable of coping with.

The below conditions will effect time, costs, price, and work.

1. Bathroom - 2. Kitchen - 3. Bedroom - 4. Living Room - 5. Stairs - 6. Basement

1. Bathroom

Air conditioning or heater
Floor covering: vinyl, ceramic tile, natural stone, carpet
Floor: wood or concrete
Open doors, closets, or drawer

2. Kitchen

Air conditioning or heater
Floor covering: vinyl, ceramic tile, natural stone, carpet and padding
Wood or concrete floor
Oil based or water based paint
Open doors, closets, or drawer

3. Bedroom

Air conditioning or heater
Bed and other furnishings
Carpet and padding
Oil based paint or water based paint
Open doors, closets, or drawers

4. Living Room

Air conditioning or heater
Floor vinyl, ceramic tile, carpet and padding, wood, composit wood
Oil based paint or water based paint
Open doors, closets, or drawer

5. Stairs

Air condition and heater
Carpet and padding, natural stone

6. Basement

Air conditioning or heater
Bed and other furnishings
Carpet and padding
Concrete floor
Open doors, closets, or drawer

I try to keep my suicide cleanup prices low, competitive, profitable.

Also find suicide cleanup information at Crime Scene Cleanup's Suicide Cleanup pages. I provide this information for those callers who cannot afford a professional suicide cleanup cleaner, which I understand. My telephone number remains available for these callers too.

What my suicide cleanup includes:

Ozone decontamination
Chemical fogging decontamination (as needed)
Soiled material moved out
Soiled areas cleaned
Soiled areas sealed as needed
Certificate of biohazard cleanup if needed
I return if requested.

Suicide cleanup remains a special detail for my biohazard cleanup activities. Homicides remain tragic in their own regard, but suicide must create the more complex questions and emotional responses. I write about suicide almost every day; yet I have not written anything new. Perhaps my writing reflects my unique perspective, but little else.

Please do call for a bid and to set an appointment for suicide cleanup if you decide to use my services. I clean well and my prices reflect my attitude toward grieving families and friends, and business realities.

See my suicide cleanup stories for real life details about suicides and they came to occur.

Also, a page on hazmat cleanup clarifies differences between biohazard cleanup and hazardous material cleanup.

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