Checked out San Clemente blood cleanup and it's not a pretty picture. I have no desire to had to blood cleanup or suicide cleanup narrative. Now and there's too much going on, like renewing ClimateFacts.US. I also added blood cleanup information, which was probably written over a decade ago and has been silent for too long.

Trump Continues Pushing Debunked Ukraine Conspiracy Theories | The Last Word | MSNBC

Climate damage video uploaded on November 24, 2019.

Adding filthy house cleaning out of curiosity. People say they want work, but when offered, they back out. I have had filthy house cleanup offeres in the past, but could not find help. It's the nature of filthy house cleaning that property owners want it done quickly, and a solo cleaner cannot get a filthy house cleanup job done quickly. Hence, no help, no filthy house cleaning work. But, things change, and one neveer knows when someone interested in making some money cleanup filthy houses will enjoy cleaning.

Adding updated hoarding cleanup pages. Then, on this November 24, 2019 date, I added Los Angeles blood cleanup.

Fox Host Caught SCAMMING Vets