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Homicide - Suicide - Unattended Death Cleanup

Now it appears that the entire planet became a crime scene, and we didn't need biblical instructions to screw up the Earth's ecological complexity, but it clearly helps.

Some people believe that we should be distinguished by our social utility. If this idea held nationwide in the United States, then we would find farmworkers and minors will easily rise to the top of the status poem bowl. But no, we find the real estate agents and others like salespeople rise to the top of the status pole, like totem pole icons. As her wealth increases they consolidate even more wealth. Put another way, capital has a way of centralizing itself. We find this is so in the crime scene cleanup business.

We know the distribution of wealth in the United States becomes greater as the years pass. But with the we know about the evolution of greater and lesser wealth held by our citizens?

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The Lord God created man. This is what Genesis from the Bible tells us. In Genesis we are told, "to have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth" (1:26). Jews, Christians, and Muslims follow this line of thinking and see it as part of a man's character and a part of man's character that cannot be destroyed; for to destroy it is to destroy man's relationship to God.
It is this line of thinking that leads to man's arrogance over nature, in part. But it is not only this line of thinking that leads to man's arrogance toward nature.
Asians following a post-Christian ideology seek "progress" not so unlike 19Th century American Oligarchs, at least as they claimed justification for their efforts.
We find the idea of a mystical balance of nature throughout the growth of Western Civilization as a justification for wanton destruction of life forms. "Nature will heal itself" as we hear from politicians. At one time this mythology also carried forth its own morality, which also declared that to needlessly destroy individual animals or plants, let alone a species, was regarded as morally wicked. This morality no longer exists as it once did. Now it appears that annihilation of life fits the dominant mode of dominion over nature and "progress."
Now, if we look to the ancient Asian peasants as well as early European peasants, will find other attitudes. Of course we find so-called "pagan" spiritual mythologies and man's respect for nature as part of their everyday existence. They tilled the soiled and pulled seeds and fruits from the trees and bushes. But we cannot depend on Asian and European peasant mythologies to protect Mother Earth and her babies. These old ideas now vanish as modernism and post-modernism move into history along with humanity's arrogance toward wild nature.
We see these mythologies led to what we see today in the strip mining of seas around the earth using long-line fishing techniques as well as an indiscriminate slaughter of both land dwelling and marine revertible and invertebrate species. And neither the ancient Asian mythologies nor monotheism offer humanity liberty from the biblical injunction, breed and control. At least, such information is not readily available.
We will find instances of clans and tribes among pre-agrarian societies  destroying entire herds of elephants, buffalo, and other herbivores. Once on the hoof, they were directed over cliffs and then butchered for their meat.  Still, these people  had no plan, no coordinated design to control nature for a prolonged assault upon species-populations in the wild.
To be clear, God said, "be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth and subdue it." (1:28"). Not "fake news," this injunction has a hallowed place in Western Civilization.  Here, we have God telling man not only what he can do, but what he ought to do. He is directed to multiply and replenish the earth while subduing the earth to fit his every whim has we find in the modern concept of growth economics.
So we find God represented issuing instructions before the fall. Following the fall God gives man directions leading to the complete and utter destruction of species populations in the wild. As to considerations for following human generations and their need for species in the wild, God does not leave directions. He tells us "be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth." But he does not tell us what to do when we have Brad across the earth like fleas, ants, and rabbits on the Australian landscape.
We know that in the garden of Eden that Adam ate with the beasts. As a vegetarian his diet much resembled the diet of the beast while using every herb bearing seed as well as the trees. A mystical relationship with nature exists here as we find in today's climate denier's deceptions. That's the idea that nature will heal itself; it will remain within what they often refer to as "nature's balance."

Then, suddenly, the "green" became Adams "property." The entire genetic code of earth was handed over to Adam and his descendents as their food, for self-enrichment; the rest of creation became an afterthought. Today's burgeoning human population, nuclean proliferation, and human caused global warming seem comprehensible in the biblical outcomes. Sadistic?

As a result, today we find degradation of the earth from pole to pole and sea to shining sea.

Now the tyrant of the earth rather than the pre-lapse area Lord of the earth, the ground itself became cursed as "is the ground for thy sake."

There's a dynamic and private capital accumulation and inevitably it leads to a concentration of wealth and even fewer hands. Not everybody will agree with this idea. Some will say that our country has built in balancing mechanisms. Where we have too little competition, government policies will help increase competition to forgo monopoly. Otherwise, technological progress with not occur as rapidly as needed. Overall, the goal becomes reducing inequality and increasing greater harmony among the classes of people in our country.

So what are we really know about how wealth accumulates? How does it evolve? How might we learn more about the accumulation of wealth?

Many authors of attempted to answer these questions and books. They say stuff like their historical and comparative data covers three centuries and more than 20 countries. They talk about theoretical frameworks that afford a deeper understanding of the underlying mechanisms leading to crime scene cleanup company monopolization of crime scene cleanup.

Modern physics is in some sense like sorcery. In the middle ages people dreamed of using magic over natural forces. In the intergenerational conflict emerging from global warming, people will wish they had the power to use magic over natural forces. Others inclined to use physics as a way of thinking about the world will lean towards biohazard cleanup techniques. For those inclined to use magic pill discover that it does not exist, and they will move toward science, especially the science of biohazard cleanup. Students will then have power over nature that they would not otherwise have acquired.

The ancients could never have dreamed of such power. Power over biohazard's becomes important as the globe warms. In this way and will have acquired the power of God in the use of physics. Unfortunately, and is not God and as a consequence we suffer the consequences. I'm reminded of this issue by William Manchester's book on Middle Ages.

Biohazard cleanup is found here is a subject that studies the nature of biohazards, the activity of the biohazard cleanup practitioner becomes important. The biohazard cleanup practitioners procedures, biohazard, and related issues should find some sort of commentary among these pages. Biohazard cleanup grew up over the years as biohazard's invaded the United States. England, Australia, and even European countries would soon follow. The battle over biohazard's would deal with new situations and maintaining public order would become an issue. The public would freak out as new biohazard became known. The spread of global warming's habitat creation for nubile hazards on the continent grew rapidly.

Today biohazard cleanup practitioners have a complicated subject to deal with. Cleaning requires new procedures while responding to new crisis conditions in the cleaning environment. Now biohazard cleanup is become a regular and routine part of human society. It manifests the results of homicides, suicides, unattended deaths, treason, terrorism, and other illegal criminal conduct. We looked United States Congress for examples of such criminal conduct. It was there that the types of creeps similar to Lamar Smith we direct our great country in the direction of climate denial. It is there that the type of corporate leaders found in the image of Rex Tillerson would we find agents pitted against future generations.

New laws would be made out for hiding the offenses of political and corporate leaders while incriminated the little guy. For sure laws would be made outlawing crime in dealing with offenders. Agents of society would be created to deal with crime in a new way in a new type of police officer would arise. These police officers would be trained in all aspects of biohazard cleanup.


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Who Rules America?

If this is not the "swamp," what must it look like?

  • Andrew Wheeler, coal company lobbist, Environmental Protection Agency,
  • David Bernhardt running the Interior Department,
  • Alex Azar, pharma running Health and Human Services
  • Mark Esper, Reytheon running Defence Department.

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