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Homicide - Suicide - Unattended Death Cleanup

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Does the diseases related to California blood cleanup work are not the subject here, although it may read like California's blood cleanup related diseases fit very well here. But this is a much larger subject

My far the most notorious disease related to blood cleanup work is known as human immunodeficiency syndrome (HIV). And it's with good reason that this disease brings fear and loathing into the ranks of blood cleanup practitioners. In fact, young lovers as well as old across the globe fear this horrific disease. Thanks to medical science, today we have treatment for the effects of the disease as well as ways of slowing its progress. But, we have no cure for HIV.

Human blood, saliva, synovial fluid, and other agents transporting this virus should be kept at the back of her mind at all of our social interactions.A cure remains half in the future somewhere because HIV creates a wicked medical problem. By "wicked" I mean that HIV has no known boundaries and as we find the questions to ask about its nature, we discover even more questions arise that we have no answer to share with those in need of a cure. We know only that HIV kills and cripples Americans as well as others across the globe. Amendments to adults, it shows no mercy.

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