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We live in the age of biohazard cleanup because we live in the age of increasing planetary fever. It's because the earth grows increasingly warm that the North American continent will suffer invasion by marauding biohazard causing critters. This condition will become known more succinctly as climate deception information becomes more available to the general United States population. For the moment our Pres. Trump continues to hide the truth, climate deception is leading to the demise of the United States of America as a first rate country. The idea of "democracy" has become farcical at best. More, democracy is practicing the United States to become a biohazard. By shifting focus from global warming caused by the release of fossil fuels, the United States being responsible for the most fossil fuel release, at least until China took over this designation, well, the United States must suffer. This is unfortunate because many people were unaware that they were adding to global warming. How could they know?

That's why I have this blog. To let people know that not only do we face planetary warming because we unwittingly release fossil fuels into the atmosphere, but we also create intergenerational conflict. This means that one generation will wittingly and unwittingly pass on war, and famine, and pestilence because we do not do something about the release of fossil fuels into the atmosphere. Hence, biohazard cleanup becomes a necessity on a grand scale.

Some people believe that we should be distinguished by our social utility. If this idea held nationwide in the United States, then we would find farmworkers and minors will easily rise to the top of the status poem bowl. But no, we find the real estate agents and others like salespeople rise to the top of the status tone pool as their wealth increases. As her wealth increases they consolidate even more wealth. Put another way, capital has a way of centralizing itself. We find this is so in the crime scene cleanup business.

We know the distribution of wealth in the United States becomes greater as the years pass. But with the we know about the evolution of greater and lesser wealth held by our citizens?

There's a dynamic and private capital accumulation and inevitably it leads to a concentration of wealth and even fewer hands. Not everybody will agree with this idea. Some will say that our country has built in balancing mechanisms. Where we have too little competition, government policies will help increase competition to forgo monopoly. Otherwise, technological progress with not occur as rapidly as needed. Overall, the goal becomes reducing inequality and increasing greater harmony among the classes of people in our country.

So what are we really know about how wealth accumulates? How does it evolve? How might we learn more about the accumulation of wealth?

Many authors of attempted to answer these questions and books. They say stuff like their historical and comparative data covers three centuries and more than 20 countries. They talk about theoretical frameworks that afford a deeper understanding of the underlying mechanisms leading to crime scene cleanup company monopolization of crime scene cleanup.

Modern physics is in some sense like sorcery. In the middle ages people dreamed of using magic over natural forces. In the intergenerational conflict emerging from global warming, people will wish they had the power to use magic over natural forces. Others inclined to use physics as a way of thinking about the world will lean towards biohazard cleanup techniques. For those inclined to use magic pill discover that it does not exist, and they will move toward science, especially the science of biohazard cleanup. Students will then have power over nature that they would not otherwise have acquired.

The ancients could never have dreamed of such power. Power over biohazard's becomes important as the globe warms. In this way and will have acquired the power of God in the use of physics. Unfortunately, and is not God and as a consequence we suffer the consequences. I'm reminded of this issue by William Manchester's book on Middle Ages.

Biohazard cleanup is found here is a subject that studies the nature of biohazards, the activity of the biohazard cleanup practitioner becomes important. The biohazard cleanup practitioners procedures, biohazard, and related issues should find some sort of commentary among these pages. Biohazard cleanup grew up over the years as biohazard's invaded the United States. England, Australia, and even European countries would soon follow. The battle over biohazard's would deal with new situations and maintaining public order would become an issue. The public would freak out as new biohazard became known. The spread of global warming's habitat creation for nubile hazards on the continent grew rapidly.

Today biohazard cleanup practitioners have a complicated subject to deal with. Cleaning requires new procedures while responding to new crisis conditions in the cleaning environment. Now biohazard cleanup is become a regular and routine part of human society. It manifests the results of homicides, suicides, unattended deaths, treason, terrorism, and other illegal criminal conduct. We looked United States Congress for examples of such criminal conduct. It was there that the types of creeps similar to Lamar Smith we direct our great country in the direction of climate denial. It is there that the type of corporate leaders found in the image of Rex Tillerson would we find agents pitted against future generations.

New laws would be made out for hiding the offenses of political and corporate leaders while incriminated the little guy. For sure laws would be made outlawing crime in dealing with offenders. Agents of society would be created to deal with crime in a new way in a new type of police officer would arise. These police officers would be trained in all aspects of biohazard cleanup.

Suicide Cleanup

After Suicide Cleanup

I own many websites because I must market my services to no end. Without massive marketing I have no cleaning work. If the reader cares to know more go to crime scene cleanup cronyism. Coroner employees commit fraud against the public. They refer families victimized by violent deaths to corrupt suicide cleanup companies for a kickback.

Anyway, my experience with people and books tells me that everyone thinks about committing suicide. Sooner or later, under terrible conditions or good conditions, those terrible thoughts about commiting suicide capture our stream of consciousness. We want out of this stream and we get out of it as soon as possible.

Others remain in this suicide stream of consciuosness too long. The list of celebrity suicides should prove my point.

Rather than come out of this suicide stream of consciousness, some follow to its end. I become more sure of these ideas with each visit to a suicide cleanup. We have all been moved by suicidal stream of consciousness. "What if" we have asked silently. (See Catholic Catechism on Suicide)

I hope that other suicide cleanup technicians bring the same senese of awe and respect to cleaning as I do. I expect that others clean as well as I do. Whether or not they bring a strong senese of humility to suicide cleanup, I can only hope.

I have cleaned after hundreds of death scenes and I hope to clean hundreds more. Saying so sounds odd at the moment, and the gentle reader probably agrees. The facts tell me that suicides will continue because they have plagued our species since recorded history. Given the past and fair health, my odds of cleaning after dozens of more suicides remain high.

What accounts for this assurance in the loss of fellow human beings? Some reasons for suicide follow, and none originated with me. I happen to have a BA in sociology.

Biologically induced anxiety
Biologically induced depression
Economic Stress
Great sense of guilt
Great sense of shame
Loss of a loved one
Painful illness
Unable to see beyong the short-term

Others have these same explanations and more. My belief that what happended has no one to blame. Suicide happens and must remain a tragedy.

@LA - the guide to Greater Los Angeles and Southern California
Suicide Cleanup Work

See below for information on suicide cleanup and more.

Suicide cleanup work usually follows a coroner, medical examiner, or some other police agency investigation. Once cleared for cleaning, a suicide cleanup technician enters to access damage.

Suicide may occur over a period of time as the suicide victim slowly poisons their body with drugs or alcohol or both. A suicide cleanup technician with an eye for details picks up these facts while cleaning.

At one time I made it my business to see no one else's business, their personal life's belonings, but the facts exposed during suicide cleanup need to find readers. Why? Because no one else but a suicide cleanup technician has this privilege to share sights and insights. Some of which may prove useful to some readers.

Perhaps someone will benefit by what I write here about suicide cleanup, expand on it, and then pass it on to others.

A suicide cleanup may uncover one, two, or dozens of hard liquor bottles, like whiskey or vodka. I find red wine among lady suicide victims serves as the intoxicant of choice on some suicide cleanup jobs. Only a suicide cleanup technician would care to know such a fact. You see, when a serious alcoholic addicted to red wine decomposes, the death odors exceed what we normally call "nauseating." As it happens, many suicide victims die alone and remain as unattended deaths for long enough to cause decomposition cleanup issues.

Just like any other violent death or unattended death with decomposition, a suicide cleanup recovers suicide's remains and disposes of it.

A suicide cleanup will destroy carpet and padding if soiled by a suicide event. Usually, a general cleanin company cannot or will not clean blood following a suicide. Most death cleanup generally removes soiled materials as well as solid waste materials while cleaning takes place. Pillows, bedding, and clothing permeated by death's odors need special handling, especially when red wine served as the drug of choice.

Many cleaning companies new to suicide cleanup may offer additional cleaning services. These companies feel their way into this biohazard business. Blood cleanup, crime scene cleanup and decomposition cleanup have similarities to suicide cleanup, but they all lack the great emotional unknowns so common to suicides.

Visit California Suicide Cleanup for more information. Try to find comprable prices for suicide cleanup and find similar or better services.

If you have an interest in crime of another type to cleanup, visit for information on local government cronyism. Full blown white-coller crime controls suicide cleanup in Orange County, California. As you might guess, I own Orange County Crime Scene Cleanup web sites.

Sometimes while cleaning after a suicide the family or responsible parties want to talk about suicide cleanup work and how I got "into it." I try to present myself as a sounding board at these times rather than a know-it-all.

I find sharing information about my suicide cleanup experiences raises issues that a suicide victim's family encounters. Family members seem to find some solace in learning they are not alone. After a while we become more at ease. I find it interesting when suicide's survivors want to talk about my suicide cleanup work while asking about philosophies related to suicide.

They ask questions like, "Have you done this work for long?". "Does this type of work become easier with time?" I often hear. I tell the truth and usually they relate back something like, "I could never do this type of work." They do not realize that a scientific, or biological approach exists to this work, at least suicide cleanup for me comes easier in light of biology and a scientific attitude.
A Scientific Attitude

So suicide cleanup for me has a scientific approach, at least in my mind and attitude. Sometimes questions come up regarding causes of suicide and when then conversation opens more,

I relate what I know. I usually comment that white males in the US commit suicide more often then any other demographic group, especially older males. Sometimes I share stories about how I've cleaned after World War II veterans. I tell about pictures on their walls, pictures of the suicide victim in their youth. So often these suicide victims, I relate, look so young and healthy in their pictures. Life moves on fast, I learn.

They may have pictures of friends and family from the 1940s. They look terrific in their military uniforms, prepared to fight the "just war" or perhaps they have returned .Their families passed away or perhaps they were separated. Sometimes neighbors like to talk with me about the suicide victim's history, at least as far as they remember back.

Neighbors know about a suicide victim's lost family and friends, at time. After all, whey you live next door to a friendly neighbor, information gets shared.

They have heard the same war stories for decades in some cases, and then pass them on. Somehow these oral histories help everyone get a tiny hold on suicide and what it represents. For older white males, suicide often represents a way out from painful suffering.

They have no one to help care for them. Even with pain killing drugs, nothing will help with their loneliness. I find handguns in this group usually serve as their preferred suicide weapon. Older white males' suicides with handguns tend to occur with less widespread debris. Now this is not a statistical finding, but my experience in suicide cleanup talking. Often older while males place a blanket, jacket, or pillow over their head before firing.

My last suicide cleanup for an older male in San Diego told me that the suicide victim shot his dog. He placed his dog in a chair, lovingly I'm sure, placed a towel over it, and then shot it. How do I know? Because I cleaned up the dead dog's fluid remains and it had not splattered.

Likewise for the suicide victim. He placed a jacket over his head. How do I know? Because I removed the bloody jacket. Little did the suicide victim know, but his jacket did not contain the brunt of his damaged head as it found a trajectory into his kitchen. Unless a suicide victim places their pistol or rifle in their mouth, there's no guarantee their aim remains steady. Hence, debris spatters in many directions.

Kitchen suicide cleanup's take more time because the stove and refrigerator must come out to ensure no biohazard materials projected behind or under them. Biohazard cleanup of this sort takes time, patience, and a willingness to move heavy objects.

A Callous Disregard

Younger white males tend not to show much concern for their suicide's damage. One young man, while intoxicated during a Monday night football game, left his living room sofa and returned with his loaded shotgun. Without a word to members of his surrounding family, he placed the shotgun in his mouth and pulled the trigger.

There's a point to this story. Needless to say the room suffered a 360 degree biohazardous spray of blood and other potentially infectious materials. His family also took their share of the debris, including skull fragments to their faces, necks and arms.

Such a callous disregard for others goes beyond suicide, self-murder. This young man intended to do what he achieved. In doing so his family will never recover. Their living room cannot again serve as a meeting place for their family, if any place can serve for any of their family gatherings.

This suicide cleanup came to me within several hours after its occurrence. The coroner investigation took minutes, once the details came forth from a unanimous, blood soaked family. Young white males do not seem to care for others when they commit suicide, it seems.

I usually comment that I offer information for those who must do a suicide cleanup following a friend or family member's suicide. Go to my suicide cleanup help page for a look, if you care. Eddie Evans Crime Scene Cleanup Suicide Cleanup.

Suicide Note

The following story reflects the events of one suicide and the suicide cleanup that followed it. No real names of the parties follow.

Sam Cushner's suicide followed six months of unbearable pain. In his suicide note he explained that he had no hard feelings for anyone. He regretted leaving his family in debt, but at this point he had no alternatives. He wrote the following to his wife:

I am sorry for this, and I know how hurt you must be now. There is nothing that I can say to make any of this easier. There is so much to live for, and I love you so much.

I feel like a coward, but I cannot help myself. The pain hurts so much when I stop taking the pill and injections. With them I do not feel like my body belongs to me. I cannot go on living like this.
I cannot stand the pain any longer. The pills and the shots and the chemo are too much to live with.


We never talked about the quality of life. I know that the few times that suicide came up, we both agreed that neither of us would abandon the other by suicide. Now I have plans to take my own life. I know that you will miss me. If there is anything “on the other side,” my heart will be with you and the kids.

You have given me forty-six years of the best marriage anyone could expect. Every time I failed you, you shook it off and made everything right. How could I have ask for more?

What I am about to do I do for my own selfish reasons, just like usual. This time it is more than money, or a trip, or a new car. This time I cannot stand to live as I have lived the last six months.

During my final moments I will think about you and the kids. I will ask God to care for you. I will also ask God to forgive me.

I love you.

2. A suicide cleanup fluttered beneith a suicide victim's bed following a violent shotgun blast. A young US Navy sailor came to this writer's attention when moving a bed. Although the victim shot himself while on his bed, his head ricocheted, in part, through the vanity hallway to the bathroom. His tongue struck the bathroom shower wall and fell into the bathtub. These findings testify to the extreme destructive power of shotgun blasts to the head.

In this case, his suicide note revealed suicidal commentss. He wanted to be clear on one subject:

"I do not want to go back to the navy."(I've always been under the impression that the US Navy was a pretty good outfit for learning and achieving new skills and knowledge.)


A thorough cleaning the the sailor's apartment bedroom, vanity area, and bathroom required repeated cleaning. Finally, the entire bedroom, vanity area, and bathroom were sealed with Zennsser's BIM.

Youth Suicide

It's hard for the mature adult to identify with youth contemplating suicide, at least in western nations. Unlike adults, youth do not think through long-term consequences with a broader perspective. For many youthful suicide victims, they remained in a self-centered, or "ego-centric" perspective of their place in the world to long. Somewhat like children, the youthful suicide victim remained in a world built for them.

Their suicide soften comes with an expectation of something else following death. Their ideas may reflect a getting back at parents, friends, teachers, and others. These "revenge" suicides sometimes occur within moments of formulation. At times youthful suicides follow frightful events leaving the young suicide victim without recourse, at least it seems so to them.

In the later case, they believe their depression, their sadness must go on forever. "How could it be otherwise, they reason. The future must hold more of the same, especially when the suicide victim's life in the "here and now" meant hurt, sorrow, shame, intimidation, and grief. (See Juan's Death Wish) Perhaps sexually abused, beaten by an alcoholic parent, and shamed by their situation, suicide comes as a long term solution to a short term problem. For a young suicide victim, life would go on given a reliable, significant other genuinely interested in helping.

Suicide cleanup for the rich and famous.


I noted the damage caused by shotguns above. It happens that an older white male, not following my description above, used a shotgun to end his life. If you guessed "Ernest Hemingway" you hit it on the head. For certain crime scene cleanup in the Hemingway house must have taken much time and dedication. I would be interested in knowing who did the suicide cleanup job. In those days not may people were known to do suicide cleanup for a living.

Hemingway lived next to death most of his life. Death played a big role in his novels It's no accident that bull fighting entertained Hemingway more than other spectacle. It seems to me that bull fighting tempts death close enough to qualify as suicidal behavior. In the ring suicide cleanup takes only seconds as the matadors kick dirt over the bull's blood and the matadors blood.

My experience with the rich and famous suicide cleanup work involves just two such suicide victims. In both cases males were involved, one a very young boy, the other an older male, both white, both killed with a rifle, and both died in their bedrooms. As suicide cleanup pay goes, I received a lot of money, a whole lot of money. The intention of paying great sums of money: "Keep your mouth shut." And I am.

I will say that I clean far fewer hispanic suicides by males living in poverty. So I'm obliged to consider poverty does not lead to suicide, but I have no statistical proof and nearly zero empirical proof. I've never found a suicide cleanup job for a poor hispanic male.

I'm inclined to think that the population of poor hispanic males who commit suicide do not have families with enough money to hire anyone for suicide cleanup. Suicide cleanup becomes a necessity for such families if they care to continue living in the same house.

I have read somewhere, and I will come back and cite my source when I recall it, that migratory hispanics do commit suicide at a high enough ratio for their population to warrant statistical analysis. The problem for sociological researchers is the migratory nature of their subjects; there are cultural taboos for suicide with this demographic group too.


Suicide among hispanics does not occur as frequently as in white populations because of their religious beliefs. Emile Durkheim's great study on suicide shows us the proof of ideological influences on fatal behaviors like suicide.

This all goes way beyond suicide cleanup, but a suicide cleanup technician with an interest in suicide needs to know about Durkheim. Family member with a suicide victim would do well to know something about Durkheim's findings. The one positive note suicide cleanup provides me with are concrete facts related to suicide.

It never hurts to have facts available during suicide cleanup because someone nearby may suffer a little less hearing facts. They may connect dots in their mind to help make sense of a terrible incident.

Suicide notes found during suicide cleanup often help the suicide victim's family understand. Other facts related to suicide help families understand they are not alone. Any time I have a suicide cleanup job I remember to work quietly while pre-occupied with my work. And when someone asks how I "got into suicide cleanup work," I share.

Eddie Evans has cleaned hundreds of death scenes alone. He prefers to work alone so that he has complete control over suicide cleanup activities. He knows that by working alone no one will steal from the deceased or their survivors. By working alone Eddie Evans ensures quality work. No guessing about suicide cleanup outcomes follows Eddie's work. He knows what he cleaned and sanitized.

Suicide cleanup carries special duties with it. You can expect Eddie Evans' suicide cleanup efforts to come with a guarantee and one of the lowest suicide cleanup fees, if the the lowest suicide cleanup fee.

Today is December 7, 2018, the day of "infamy." I returned San Diego County feces cleanup to its respective positions on Eddie Evans website. I will monitor the overall condition of the website soon as I remember. Meanwhile I go elsewhere to fight for justice in the name of mother Earth and all of her babies.

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