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Homicide - Suicide - Unattended Death Cleanup

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Eddie Evans seeks to serve the interests of those families and businesses in need of biohazard cleanup information. As found here, Eddie Evans includes homicide, suicide, unattended death with decomposition, infectious and other types of waste cleanup among his biohazard cleanup services.

Eddie Evans uses the biohazard cleanup phrase broadly. It's used interchangeably with crime scene cleanup. Used elsewhere, biohazard would apply to vectors like disease carrying insects. Here, biohazard, biohazardous, applies to human blood in most cases.


Biohazard as used here follows the guidelines established by the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia. Here's a list of those humans fluids dreamed biohazardous by the Center for Disease Control:

  • web blood
  • moist blood
  • dry flaky blood
  • objects capable of releasing moist or web blood when compressed


These fluids often occur following traumatic injuries caused by accidents, homicides, suicides, and unattended deaths. Of course, laboratories in the business of producing blood analysis abide by this same understanding of human fluids qualifying as biohazardous. We call these substances "bloodborne pathogens." Bloodborne because disease and illness spread among us by human blood, not by air (aerosols), insect bites, or other carriers of human illness and disease. Eddie Evans believes in applying large quantities of bleach to biohazards early in his biohazard cleanup work.

In fact, when families in need of biohazard cleanup information, they learn from Eddie Evans to use bleach as directed by the Center for Disease Control.

Because of the biohazards we must follow "bloodborne pathogen protocols" to reduce the risks of working with or near human blood. The United States Occupational and Health Administration oversea the management of bloodborne pathogen rules in the workplace. Actually, it's the American workplace that gave rise to congressional legislation leading to the creation of bloodborne pathogen protocols. Without these rules workers would have no legal protection or standards to follow in many work places. We know this by history's stories about worker abuse in the American workplace before the progressive era.


Today's blood cleanup practitioners can thank the many science researchers into diseases like the Human Immunodeficiency virus and Hepatitis C for our biohazard protections. Even today, employers in the infectious waste business are known to tell their infectious waste practitioners that "It's not dangerous." Meanwhile, they tell their prospective clients that crime scene cleanup carries much risk because of bloodborne pathogens. Some of these crime scene cleanup company owners even tell people that the death and blood odors carry disease. Eddie Evans has a 15 year record of setting the record straight.

In any case, these cleaners work as biohazard cleanup practitioners because the death cleanup field includes bloodborne pathogen threats and broader biohazards. Animal and insect cleanup also come within the duties of a biohazard cleanup practitioner. Eddie Evans says, "Biohazard cleanup practitioners are not exterminators unless trained as exterminators." So blood cleanup work continues without the tag, "insect exterminators." We simply remove dead insects at times.

Among the more lucrative work found in the biohazard business, we find heavily soiled feline poop cleanup, cat poop cleanup. I use this web site to promote Eddie Evans as an infectious waste cleaner.

Overall, on the following pages my focus remains within the domain of homicide, suicide, and unattended death cleanup. I enjoy venturing off into other subjects dealing with biological and ecological issues as well. I also enjoy legal issues that may follow dramatic deaths involving criminal law and torts.

Homicide Cleanup

Homicide cleanup accounts for about one intend biohazard cleanup calls. It's not only my biohazard cleanup but those of my competitors as well. The vast majority of calls go toward cleaning up after suicides and unattended deaths.

A number of homicides occur in domestic settings between males and females. Most often, female victims arise from moments of anger and rage developing into homicidal actions by male spouses or partners. Homicides perpetrated by females upon males occur at times because the female is protecting her children. In such cases the male has a history of violent behavior towards the family.

The primary weapon of choice is a handgun and then a rifle. Although, homicides and kitchens often involve a large knife or other sharp implement.

Juries often feel a sympathy for female perpetrators of homicide when the act in defense of their children. Took a long time for United States juries to begin acquitting females for homicides in the United States. Not until after the 1960's did we see changes in criminal law in this regard. Some people have attributed this change in jury consciousness to the women's movement began in the late 19th century.

Overall, the right of a homicide self-defense is available only to those free from fault. To hide under the cover of self defense, you must not be the aggressor instigator. However, this is not absolute for in some situations, you may still retain your right to act in self-defense depending on the facts. Nonetheless, the right of self-defense is denied to a slayer who incites the fatal attack, encourage the fatal quarrel or otherwise promote the the seeming necessity of taking a life. Self-defense claim may not be justified if in fact, the claimant was the actual provoker. When he was the actual aggressor in a conflict causing death may not turn around to invoke the self-defense claim.

When an aggressor informs their adversary of their intent to quit and does try to do so, he is restored to his right of self-defense. A homicide committed in self-defense is excusable only as a matter of genuine necessity. So juries are often aware of these facts, and today they use a liberal mind-set to apply more than these facts to the situation of women in the home.

In the field of biohazard cleanup we learn to recognize the great violence endured by a homicide victim. Blood splatter on walls and ceilings tell us that the victim may have ran for the life, room to room, stopping every now and then to use objects and implements to defend themselves from the crushing blows that took their lives. Eddie Evans will guarantee biohazard cleanup work following a homicide.

Suicide Cleanup

Suicide cleanup must also be considered biohazard cleanup. Suicide cleanup also represents an unattended death cleanup in some circumstances.

Suicide cleanup most usually involves the removal of human blood from a bedroom, bathroom, living room, or even a kitchen. I have worked at suicide cleanup and storage sheds as well as barns. We never know where suicide will occur Erwin. What we do know is that suicide cleanup happens most often for white males account for suicides in the United States. White females follow second with 17% of the suicides in the United States. Eddie Evans cleans after suicides in most states.

Unattended Deaths

Unattended deaths occur because people live alone in most cases. Of course those instances occur when family members may have gone on vacation and left a loved one at home within dies an unattended death. Suicides are also known as unattended deaths in some cases. Suicide cleanup as a form of biohazard cleanup comes with a guarantee when performed by Eddie Evans.

Eddie Evans

I'm Eddie Evans and I wrote the above biohazard cleanup narrative. I have other biohazard cleanup pages on the Internet and hope that they will serve families in need of biohazard cleanup information. Here's a suicide cleanup page for more information.

Here's my biohazard blog.

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I'm Eddie Evans and I wrote the narratives found on this web site. I have no connection to county employee referral scams.

Protocols are like rules, regulations, and standards applied to practices, actions, and the ways of doing stuff.